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As we work with a growing amount of long distance movers here in the United States, we have made an effort to really get granular when it comes to testing out different IVR’s for our mover campaigns. Below are some of the tactics we take to segment and test to generate the BEST calls for our national clients.

1: Geo-Specific IVR: We use the location of the caller to determine if they are in the correct area that are client wants to target. We also sometimes ask them to enter in the zip-code where they are originating the move. In some cases, this tactic results in more accurate leads for our clients that are more sensitive to geography.

2: Time-frame: Of course you want people who are looking right now or soon to move long distance. We will test the verbiage here like, “Are you planning on moving soon?” Versus, statements like, “Press 1 if you’re planning on moving within 60 days.”

3: Distance Confirmation: Most of our long distance clients don’t want local moves so we will ask the prospect to verify that they are moving across long distances. We may ask things in the IVR like, “Press 1 if you’re moving more than 100 miles.” Or “Press 1 if you’re moving a short distance.”

Utilizing a multi-IVR strategy in our pay per call campaigns allows us to further streamline and improve the calls that our clients get. Chat with us today if you’re interested in working together.

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