3 Oncology Online Marketing Strategies to Consider

No matter what type of oncology practice you are (or have within your hospital): radiation, medical, surgical, pediatric, hematologist or gynecological, a large portion of your potential patients are searching for your service online. Are they finding you? If they are, what are they reading about you? Are they taking all the right steps to learn more?

Google has been up to making a lot of changes with their algorithm lately and your business line or practice is ripe for the disruption online just like Bob’s Auto repair down the street. With a growing elderly population (cancer cases slated to grow 23% in the next decade) MORE people are searching for you (those same people are living longer) and interdisciplinary practice competition is on a huge rise.  If you aren’t ACTIVELY aware of these changes, you could easily become non existent online and lose out on hundreds, if not thousands, of patients & facility fees.

Your Oncology business line or practice is ripe for the disruption online just like Bob’s Auto repair…”

So how does one stay on top of all of the current and future updates online that affect an Oncology Practice? In this post, I’ve outlined 3 things that you should consider now to stay afloat.

Pairing Service Lines & Marketing Your “Program”

When marketing your practice online, you ant to make sure people are aware of all the different service lines you offer. They are actively comparing 3-5 other options so you want to at least make the shortlist. Some questions to ask in regards to patient Program perception are:

  • How is your brand positioned compared to other locations?
  • Does your brand come across as the BEST solution to one’s problem?
  • Does the cancer practice come across as a PROGRAM or just another service?
  • Do you talk about other service lines lines like Neurology, Women’s Health or GI?

Demographic & risk factor targeting is also important when creating messaging & advertising. For example a smoker of 30 years who gets cancer may react different to messaging representative of you servicing occupational affected cancer patients.

oncology service line marketing strategy

Generate Online Reviews

Self referrers are on the rise. This shouldn’t be any surprise to you but those people are reading reviews of others that are in the same boat of their experience with you and other competition. They are making quick decisions to call or not call you before they even visit your website!

Asking for feedback is something that should be best practice to a piece of your interactions with the patients and families. You can then segment the people who are most happy with their experience and ask those people for Google reviews.

oncology online reviews

Oncology Practice Visibility

There are hundreds of local and National search engine ranking factors to consider when trying to get more online visibility when people are searching for you on Google. You should start with making sure that your internal / external marketing professionals are fully aware of these continuously changing factors as well as running an audit of your main website domain. We also use a tool called SEMrush.com that gives in depth insight as to what’s working and not working for both you and your competition online.

We ran an SEO analysis of several of the country’s most popular cancer centers. You can easily see that the Mayo Clinic has better visibility due to the fact that they rank for thousands more organic (free) keywords on Google. How healthy is your website?

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