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3 Pay Per Call Tips Your Mom Should Have Told You

//3 Pay Per Call Tips Your Mom Should Have Told You

The super high conversion rate of pay per call marketing shouldn’t surprise you. But believe or not, most plastic surgeons & aesthetic businesses have never even considered this strategy. If you’re ready this, you’re probably in the 0.00001% of businesses that have thought about isolating a budget and or tactics to this marketing type. Below, I’m going to share with you 3 tips that I’ve learned over the years in managing campaigns solely focus on pay per call.

Tip #1: Understanding the Full COST. 

I’m not talking about the cost of the call. I mean the true cost. You need to consider how much you’re paying your employee to field the calls outside of their normal duties. What other variables come into play here? If you’re paying per call via an agency, it may be easier for you to manage the costs since that agency will most likely be fronting the cost of advertising, managing campaigns, reporting etc.

Tip #2: Create Goals for Pay Per Call

Since the number of calls each month may vary, it’s good to go ahead and establish your call to close ratio. I always suggest to my plastic surgeon clients that they should aim for a 200% ROI at minimum meaning if they spend $50 per call and get 50 calls ($2500), they should have at least made $5000 in actual profit from closed deals at the end of each month.

Tip #3: Focus on Quality Calls, Not Quantity

No matter what industry you’re in, you want to make sure the agency you work with gets you quality calls and not a lot of tire-kicker, mis-dialed calls. Feedback on both sides is very important meaning you should give feedback to the agency and the agency should be communicating with you on the feedback they have accumulated on your campaigns.

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