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6 Medical Marketing KPIs to Track in 2019

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things to track online associated with all of your medical SEO efforts. The daily minutia of managing partnerships, dealing with patients, putting out fires, communicating with your marketing agency, etc may keep you from keeping your eye on what truly matters: Growth.

In this post, I narrow down the top Key Performance Indicators associated with online marketing that you should be more concerned about in 2019 and beyond.

Actual Patient Count: You should know this and keep it top of mind on a daily basis.

Phone Calls: Using a tool like CallRail makes it easy to see your call data, listen to calls and make tweaks to your call protocol.

Requests for Appointments: How many of these come through versus how many cancel or are no show?

Local Organic SEO Rankings: How are you comparing against all of the other practitioners in your immediate area?

Google Advertising Metrics: What’s your CPC, Cost Per Conversion, Search Impression Share, etc.

Keyword Growth: Is the holistic SEO of your website improving over time? Or do you need to give it some extra love?

So how do I track all of this in an easy to see place? Good question there. There are literally hundreds of tools that can do all of this separately.

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with a company called KlipFolio.

They make it super easy to create nice looking dashboards that you can view on a shareable URL. You can even have the data streaming on a TV in your office!

klipfolio dashboard

Dustin DeTorres

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