A Visual & Helpful Guide to Plastic Surgeon Featured Snippets

Google changes their features all the time. 

As a plastic surgeon or an internal / external marketer for one, you’re probably always trying to find ways to stand apart from all of the other surgeons in your area from a plastic surgery marketing perspective.

plastic surgeon search featured snippet

Increase in Visibility Over Time

Featured Snippets are becoming more and more commonly seen when you Google something. You can see, according to Moz, how much they’ve gained traction over the years. There are definitely some ups and downs with Google testing out the Knowledge Panel so this type of graph has most likely kept fluctuating since 2017.

moz featured snippets over time

Why have these become so popular…..especially for plastic surgeons? Because people love interacting with them.

Studies have shown that Featured Snippets get clicked almost 2X as much!

What is a Featured Snippet? (with a Plastic Surgeon Twist)

People have called this “position zero” due to one now have to get deep into someone’s website and seeing the answer to heir question right away.

Let’s say that you’re in the market for a tummy tuck and you were curious as to the process. You Google something like “what’s the best tummy tuck procedure”.

google search result with featured snippet plastic surgery

In the results below, there are 2 primary spots where the info is presented. The first area normally shows the result in 3 types:

1: Paragraph: 

paragraph featured snippet

2: List 

list featured snippet

3: Tables

table featured snippet

In this case, this is a snippet of a paragraph from VeryWellHealth.com

A plastic surgery practice can optimize for this type of results by simply answering the many questions a potential patient has in their search journey to find you. We’ll cover more of this later in this post.

The second area is the People Also Ask results (PAA).

You’ll have a good chance of getting in these results if….

  • You’re writing complete questions and answers about your services in a NON-Salesly fashion.
  • Use PLAIN language. Not medical jargon that your potential patients wont understand.
  • Add schema markup to your pages. (You can do this using WordPress Plugins if you’re using this CMS)

How To Do Featured Snippet Competitive Research

I have 2 recommended ways to do research for your plastic surgery practice.


You’ll need a paid account for this method but it’s by far, in my opinion, the best way to see where your practice stands as well as your competition.

liposuction vs tummy tuck SEO

I recommend starting off with a Google search for your more profitable or preferred procedures. Then, start to look and see who ranks where. In this case, you can see that pamf.org has the main featured snippet spot for “liposuction vs tummy tuck” search.

However, in the first People Also Ask spot, DinoMD.com has a link to his post here: https://www.dinomd.com/blog/do-i-need-a-tummy-tuck-or-liposuction/

Now, I would grab his URL and place it into SEMrush and start doing research on what he’s ranking for from a Featured Snippet persepctive.

When you navigate to Organic Research on the left hand side, about half way down the page, you’ll see SERP Features.

featured snippet SERP feature SEMrush

Click on that and you’ll see a list of ALL of Dr. Dino’s featured snippets!

featured snippet results dr dino

Now what? 

1: Make better versions of his medical content.

2: Link to these pages or page throughout your website

3: Try and get backlinks into these pages

4: Keep a close eye on what featured snippets you’re ranking for using tools like SEMrush.

5: Get to the point in 50 words or less…then elaborate.

6: Try to think about possible variants of the question you’re answering and include that in that FAQ.

Starting Your First FAQ Section

Think about the top 50 questions your prospective patient would ask. Answer these questions, categorize them appropriately and if you can, create a video answer for each as well (use a tool like OpenReel.com)

categorization of frequently asked questions

If you work with a marketing agency that specializes in plastic surgery marketing, odds are they can help with this.

Now, set aside some time and get to work!

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