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Who is Dustin DeTorres?

Dustin has over 11 years experience in the B2B space working with numerous types of businesses across the US, Canada & Europe. His focus on SEO & Lead Generation has allowed him to truly become a specialist in online marketing for businesses that sell to other businesses as many marketing strategists & agencies have a more broad approach when it comes to digital marketing.

He’s also the Co-Founder of Badass Insurance Leads, a life insurance lead provider to agents and brokers and Founder of  The Pickleball, an educational website & blog dedicated to the game of pickleball.

Over the years, he’s worked with technology companies, eCommerce, startups and many different types of B2B websites helping them find SEO issues (Forensic SEO), done thousands of deep SEO Audits and helped some of his clients grow to 2x – 3x their size through strategic lead generation tactics.

Connect with Dustin DeTorres here on LinkedIn

  • Focus Solely on B2B Lead Generation

  • Has worked with over 100 medium to large B2B companies globally

  • Grew Marketing Agency and sold in 2017

  • Co-Founded Badass Insurance Leads in 2019

  • Enjoys long walks on the beach