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B2B Data Targeting

B2B Data is at the core of what we do. Through the utilization of numerous 3rd party sources, proprietary tactics & over a decade of B2B digital marketing strategy experience, we dig deep into the target market you want to penetrate and create a custom marketing solution to reach those buyers.

We use demographic, firmographic, behavioral & intent data to deliver the most accurate, highest quality MQL for your sales teams.

b2b data targeting
b2b demographic targeting

Demographic Targeting

Our partnership with Acxiom allows you to tap into premium demographic audiences and insights across the world. This helps you better understand, identify and target ideal B2B audiences by creating custom experiences across the internet.

b2b firmographic data

Firmographic Targeting

With access to over 100 million records, we are able to blend business and consumer databases to identify your target market as well as where they work. Whether they are located in the office or work from home, we are able to find out their contact information as well as crucial pieces of data to enhance your already super targeted campaigns.

b2b buyer behavior data

Behavioral Targeting

In addition to our strong demographic and firmographic data capabilities, we also layer in B2B behavioral data that gives us an edge over the competition. You can rest assured that the people in our targeting lists or lookalike audiences are not only the right target market but also show the characteristics and buyer behaviors that indicate they are more likely to purchase your product or service.

bombora b2b intent data

Intent Data Targeting

Separate from buyer behavior, intent is expressed completely different by your potential B2B buyers. They are influenced by a multitude of content sources across the web. Our partnership with Bombora allows us to capture intent signals and layer that into our demographic, firmographic & behavioral data further enhacing the B2B data set that we create your campaigns with.

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