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What is B2B Intent Data?

Simply put, it’s B2B data that is gathered about someone’s online behavior that gives insight into their interests. From this, you’re able to assume certain actions will be later taken and then market to those people strategically.

Why collect it? 

B2B decision makers are influenced by many different content types. Knowing which ones and what kinds are integral to influencing the buyers with your company’s messaging.

bombora b2b intent data

B2B Intent Data

How Does it Work?

Due to our partnership with Bombora, we are able to capture intent signals from all across the B2B web, monitoring over 6700 business topics in real-time.

bombora intent data for b2b
b2b web scale

Huge B2B Scale

The range of our collaboration with Bombora allows you to have deep insights across numerous B2B areas. This allows you to ultimately improve your targeting and reach the right buyers at the right time & place.

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