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B2B Lookalike Audiences

What are they?

B2B lookalike audiences are a grouping of possible customers generated by Artificial Intelligence. They are populated by finding key attributes like size, revenue, years in business, likelihood to purchase, similarities to your ideal clients, etc etc.

B2C lookalike audiences are already well known and have been used for years on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

At B2B Sumo, we are now able to find your ideal B2B client using our proprietary B2B lookalike audience targeting.

b2b lookalike audiences

Why Don’t Other B2B Marketers Do This?

Bottom line, it’s tough. Most B2B marketing agencies can gather data like company size, industry, location etc. But the majority of companies that you would want to target don’t share specifics about their BUYING behavior. This is why many B2B marketing companies layer in appointment setting services on top of the demand gen services due to the fact that the leads alone aren’t good enough.

How Does it Work? 

Once you tell us who you ideal customer is, our data team gets to work investigating the lookalike data points associated with both the company AND the people inside the companies you would want to target.

Then, our follow up process below happens. The end result is you having a high qualified, MQL that is open to have conversations and is more likely to close due to our vetting process.

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