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B2B Pay for Performance Lead Generation

What is performance based lead generation? You only pay for leads that are generated. These leads aren’t just run of the mill spreadsheets of contacts. They have been vetted, confirmed, downloaded a piece of your content and then sent to you in real time into your CRM. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay. There are no hidden fees or upfront costs either.

How Does it Work?

We know you have many options when it comes to B2B lead generation. There are softwares, agencies and even hybrid models and data companies that could sell you ideal prospect lists. We know its confusing, so for the past because, we have offered our lead on a pay for performance only basis. How does it work? See below. We have a tried and true process that allows us to target the right buyer and the right time so your sales team can speak with people with a higher likelihood of closing into REVENUE.


Improve Sales Velocity with Performance Based Leads

Your sales funnel will love you. Imagine closing 20-40% more business in the same time frame that it normally took you to close previously. Since we use B2B lookalike audience targeting, the pool of people and companies we get your message in front of are more likely to be the right person to talk to. Plus, by the time your sales team speaks with the lead, they have already downloaded or watched at least one piece of content and receive 1-2 follow up emails from us.

sales velocity pay for performance leads


What type of lead data do we send you?

You’ll receive at least 10 – 15 different fields of data including a verified address, email, type of content they interacted with and phone number. If we are able to find them on LinkedIn, we will also send the link to you as well. See sample lead data below.

The leads are MQLs so they have seen your ads, chosen to download a piece of content, been followed up with by our team and then emailed at least once more after they have downloaded your content. So they are fully aware of your brand your your USP. Learn more about how it works here.

MQL sales lead data

What are the BENEFITS of Pay for Performance B2B Lead Generation? 

There are a host of positives when working with DeTorres Group. Many of our clients have seen the following benefits:

  • Enhance Your ABM Strategy: Reaching the right PEOPLE at the right TIME.
  • Improve Paid Media Data: Utilization of our MQL data for separate campaigns. 
  • Increase Sales Velocity: Close deals faster.
  • Increase Closing Ratio: Our leads are further down the buying cycle.
  • Improve Customer Acquisition Cost: Since our leads are more ready to buy, you’ll reduce the amount of overhead it takes to generate the amount of revenue you need to sustain a healthy organization.