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B2B Sales Lead Generation Calculator

You understand your new account goals, sales goals and the revenue that you need to hit for the fiscal year. However, when you break down these numbers, how many b2b leads do you actually need to generate? You could assume or you could get some firm goals to go by.


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This is why we are giving you our B2B Sales Lead Generation Calculator where you can enter in your own numbers relevant to your business and get a firm understanding as to what you need to achieve to get there.

b2b lead generation calculator example 1

According the example above, you can see that our lead generation budget is ~$42K. This budget should be line item’d as your B2B lead generation budget and not considered your entire marketing budget (There should be separate budgets for branding, partnerships, trade shows, etc).

b2b lead generation calculator example 2

Another area we get questions about is the “expected cost per marketing contact”. We suggest playing with it to see how it affects your total lead generation budget. Sometimes your marketing budget may already have a limit on how much you can spend per prospect or you have a vendor that has specific costs to target those niche prospects.

qualified leads needed

After you’ve added the appropriate data, you’ll also be able to see how many qualified leads you’ll need in order to reach your goals. This level of granular tracking is great for both sales and marketing teams so you can both be in better alignment.

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