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B2B Content Marketing

High Quality B2B Focused Content

All blog posts, eBooks or technical pieces are written by 100% English speaking B2B professionals that live here in the USA. Each person that writes for us has to go through an in depth screening process and we only accept about 30% of the applicants. Guaranteed high quality enough to generate backlinks. Let us help you reach your target audience now.

premium quality B2B content writing
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What type of Content Do We Write?

Our team of experienced B2B writers can write on pretty much any topic for any B2B specialty. Whether you have something very technical or something creative, we can source the right person for you. Some of our most common medical pieces are:

  • eBooks
  • Blog Posts
  • Guest Posts
  • Ghost Authoring
  • Custom B2B Brochures
  • B2B Infographics
content writing for medical offices

Let Us Do All of the HARD Work.

Writing content can be tedious and overwhelming. You know that it’s something that your B2B company HAS to do since Google is literally telling you each year to write fresh, informative, engaging content on your site. Stop worrying. We will get to know your business and create a custom writing package that fits your needs.

High Quality B2B Content Standards

We have a team of 20+ B2B writers that have a high acuity / lots of experience writing specialty content that will pass the sniff test of any level of B2B professional buyers. We never copy or spin content and everything is 100% checked out via Copyscape.

Don’t settle for content that’s written by non-English speaking people or people who have zero experience in your B2B niche. Content is truly one of those things where you get what you pay for.

B2B Content Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I get to approve the topics?

Yes! We do a ton of research then provide you with our recommendation on topics.

Do I get to approve any blog posts or pages that would be on my website? 

Yes! Before anything is ever posted on your behalf, we share it with you via a shared document. After time passes and you feel more confident in our process and writing capability, we are happy to just post on our own.

Are you able to auto post onto my B2B blog for me? 

Yes. If you have WordPress, we can post it for free. If you have another CMS, there may be some additional fees.

Will this help my B2B SEO? 

Writing content to just write content for SEO purposes will never get you ahead. However, having an SEO strategy in place along side your content marketing plan and having a team of B2B focused SEO strategists is going to help you much more long-term.

I’m in a niche business. Are you able to write about it? 

Yes. We have a lot of B2B experience on staff. If we dont have immediate access, we will source them for you and manage them for you.

What types of B2B companies do you work with on the content marketing front?

Chat or call us today and we will be happy to share you content samples.

How long does it take for my content to arrive? 

If it’s a blog post, normally it takes about 1-2 weeks to complete. If its something more complex, like an eBook or something more custom, it could take longer depending on the number of back and forth revisions.