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B2B Website Migrations

Moving from one CMS or URL to another can be challenging and dangerous to your SEO. You need to work with a trusted, tenured SEO vendor that will ensure a successful migration.

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Website Migration Experts

Since 2011, we have worked with dozens of B2B companies helping them migrate to a new CMS and / or new URL. Studies have shown that done right, you can mitigate much of the loss in keyword rankings and traffic by being very strategic.

This is why working with a tenured SEO agency is key.

b2b website migration
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Award Winning SEO Company

Over the years, we have accumulated a nice amount of SEO recognition. See why working with DeTorres Group has been such a highly rated SEO company for the past decade. Schedule a call today or read more here.

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Website Migration Checklist

Each migration client is different. When you work with us, we will create a custom website migration checklist that will be shared with you and followed for transparency-sake. Whether you’re a small, one man show or have a large internal marketing team, we are able to work with both types to get the job done.

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