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B2B Website Design

We specialize in B2B website design built in the WordPress CMS. Each one of our websites are 100% custom to fit the needs and the brand of your new or existing business. Each website is mobile responsive, has your social media platforms integrated and is easily editable for you or anyone on your staff to make updates using the back-end. Since we also focus heavily on B2B SEO, you can rest assured that the foundation of your surgical website will also be friendly to Google.

b2b website design

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B2B Web Experts

For over 10 years, DeTorres Group has done B2B website design for some of the largest B2B brands in the United States, Canada and Europe. Find out why we should be considered to be part of your next website launch or redesign.

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B2B Content

Do you need professional writing services for your new B2B website? Give your potential patients what they need. We have dozens of B2B specialists with direct working experience in your B2B specialty that can write on your behalf. Whether it’s website pages, product / service education content, video scripts or an eBook, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our B2B writing service below.

Built for SEO

Each B2B website has a strong foundation of B2B Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built in. We use the best in practice SEO plugins, coding for fast load time, information architecture and content pages that are good for both the reader and Google. We’ve been doing SEO since 2008 so we know what we are doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization + Website Design / Development.

B2B Website FAQs

How much does a new B2B website cost? 

It depends on how many pages are created, the level of customization and type of practice you are. On average, you can expect to create a custom, B2B website for around a range of $7000 – $10,000.

How long does it take to develop? 

On average, our clients will have a new website in about 2-3 months. That’s if you are proactive and work closely with us along the way.

Can’t I just use Wix or one of those website builder tools? 

Of course you can! However, you’re going to be dominated from an SEO standpoint (both geographically or topically) if anyone in your specialty space knows what they’re doing online marketing-wise. Also, many of those site builders or month to month website “loaner” services don’t give you the site. Once you stop paying for the hosting or service, your site goes away. Your website should be an annuity for your business. The more you invest over time, the better its going to be in the future!

Why work with a B2B focused agency vs another agency that does website design? 

Working with us, you’ll get our 11+ years of hands on B2B marketing and SEO experience. We focus solely on the B2B space so we know the ins and outs, the laws that may affect your online marketing initiatives and much more. Give us a try and you’ll see the difference.

Do I need a new B2B website or can you work with my current one? 

The first thing to do is reach out and schedule some time here. Based off of our findings, we will be able to guide you in the right direction.