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Is Rip Off Report Losing Traction?

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Is Rip Off Report Losing Traction? Having clients in the medical online marketing space, I have been battling complaint sites like Rip Off Report for years. But after the recent algo updates from Google in August, I have been noticing some slight and dramatic drops in both web traffic and keyword rankings on those sites.

Should I Create a Wikipedia Page for My Medical Practice?

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Should I Create a Wikipedia Page for My Medical Practice? If you're thinking that you should have a Wikipedia page for your medical practice or for Doctor / yourself, there are several things to consider. Wiki isn't just another easy to add marketing channel like Facebook or LinkedIn. There's an entire process you must follow

Structuring Your Medical Website for SEO & UX

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Structuring Your Medical Website for SEO & UX Your typical one size fits all medical website is no longer going to cut it. Site visitors have become accustomed to getting what they want when they need it, knowing where they are on a website at all times, and being able to communicate with your business

Medical SEO vs General SEO

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Medical SEO vs General SEO What are the differences between optimizing your website with typical SEO best practices versus optimizing with a background in Medical Online Marketing? In this post we are going to break it down for you. Medical Content This is obviously a big one as most agencies aren't able to write at

IVR Artificial Intelligence and Your Pay Per Call Campaigns

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Originally posted here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/future-ivr-artificial-intelligence-your-pay-per-call-dustin-detorres/ I was watching this video about Google's Assistant aka (Google Duplex) the other day and it got me thinking about the Pay Per Call industry and how it will be affected by artificial intelligence. Obviously an IVR is a piece of "dumb" technology that is used as a part of the process for

3 Pay Per Call Tips Your Mom Should Have Told You

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The super high conversion rate of pay per call marketing shouldn't surprise you. But believe or not, most plastic surgeons & aesthetic businesses have never even considered this strategy. If you're ready this, you're probably in the 0.00001% of businesses that have thought about isolating a budget and or tactics to this marketing type. Below,

Pay Per Call vs Local SEO

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Years ago, when I came into the plastic surgery & aesthetic marketing space,  I realized that we were going up against a huge challenge. So many online marketing agencies out there today had been focusing on Local SEO for a very long time and had huge, established brands and audiences. When I got started I

SEO Tactic to Get a Rush of Website Traffic Using SEMrush + Quora.com

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SEO Tactic to Get a Rush of Website Traffic Using SEMrush + Quora.com I recently posted on LinkedIn here: In this video, I show you how to use SEMrush and Quora to generate an influx of website traffic to your website. This is a good strategy for people who may have zero traffic or are