FAQ Page 2018-04-08T18:40:14+00:00
What is Pay for Performance Marketing? 2018-04-08T18:44:42+00:00

It’s basically to where you, the business or brand, don’t pay anything unless the marketing agency has performed (ie. Chat, Form Fill, Appointment, Call, etc). You can see a longer explanation on P4P Marketing¬†here.

Do you offer a white label service? 2018-03-31T19:32:50+00:00

Yes. For some digital marketing agencies or independent consultants that work with the types of businesses we would work with we offer this type of service. Click here for more info and to apply. 

Do you require long-term agreements? 2018-02-18T22:00:46+00:00

No. We do ask that you give our partnership at least 4 months so we can show you how our process can affect your bottom line and growth of your practice.

What types of businesses do you work with? 2018-04-08T18:41:13+00:00

You can see a large list of the types of clients we work with here. If your business isn’t listed, you can still apply to see if we are a fit.

How much do your leads cost? 2018-04-08T18:42:23+00:00

It just depends on the type of service you’re offering. A plastic surgeon can expect to pay more per lead (call, form fill, chat, appointment) compared to a dentist that just wants more cleaning appointments. Our leads range from $10 – $1000. Remember though, when you partner with us, we aren’t just selling you leads. We take a much more holistic approach to growing your brand. Apply today to see if we are a fit.