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B2B Lead Generation Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is the process of generating demand from a business to another business to create sales opportunities.

The biggest difference here is that with B2C lead generation, you’re selling to consumers and the sales cycle may be a lot shorter. It’s not always the case however. 

With B2B lead generation, you almost always have to do ABM (account based marketing) targeting numerous people inside the organization that make or support the buying decisions. You also have to create educational content that answers the questions that the prospective buyer has at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Similar to B2C, however, the content is normally more complex, technical and well thought out. You’ll also see a slower sales cycle that represents a larger sale sometimes in the 10’s of thousands up to millions of dollars.

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Here at DeTorres Group, we focus on the majority of the buyer’s journey from lead, MQL to SQL.

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Does video help with B2B lead generation?

In a recent study by Vidyard, they shared that 74% of B2B marketers say video converts better than any other type of content.

It enhances your email follow ups, on-site SEO optimizations and, by the way, YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine.

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How do we build a B2B lead generating website?

First, you need to start off with a fast loading website that gets to the point of what you’re offering.

You also want to be able to give the visitor the info they are looking for in their search.

If you have an existing website, use Google Analytics or other 3rd party tools to analyze where your web traffic is visiting and converting or not converting.


What are the different types of B2B lead generation programs?

There’s normally 4 types of companies.

1: A B2B focused digital agency that offers many different digital services.

2: An agency that only does things like appointment setting or cold calling.

3: A lead generation software.

4: A sales training company.


How much does B2B lead generation cost?

There are many variables but you can expect to spend $5000 – $6000 a month using a reputable firm or a CPL range of $50 – $500 depending on your type of business.