Google’s Call Only Campaigns for Medical Office Marketing

With the huge influx of potential patients searching for you via their mobile devices and other searches like “doctor near me”, growing fast year over year, it’s getting more important to take advantage of how patients are searching for your practice. Whether you work with an agency or manage your AdWords yourself / internally, you should isolate several campaigns to Google’s Call Only functionality as a part of your call marketing strategy.

Below are a handful of tips for your practice that could instantly increase the number of new patient appointments.

1: Utilize the URL Structure

Pay per call only ads have less real estate to work with in the ads than other desktop or non-call focused ads do. We recommend adding a call to action in the URL structure so people are able to have more of a reason to click to call.

call only ads google

2: Be Aggressive at First and Listen to Calls

When you start your campaigns, we recommend bidding more aggressively in conjunction with listening to the calls that come in. You’ll gain invaluable info as to what’s working and what isn’t related to your ads. For example, let’s say that you’re an orthodontist. You have 3 call only campaigns running and they are all different. One focuses on appointments, the other one is insurance and the 3rd is a coupon / discount call to action. When listening to the calls over the course of several days or weeks, you will gain insight, in conjunction with the AdWords conversion data, as to what resonates with your patient base. You should also gain insight as to the user experience that happens once someone calls in. Stay away from long phone trees or allowing staff that don’t know answers to questions answer your phones. For call tracking, we recommend CallRail for smaller practices and RingBa for more advanced, multi-location outfits.

callrail listening to calls

3: Scheduling Strategy

Do you have calls going to a voicemail after hours? Do you use a 3rd party answering service? Take that into consideration when scheduling your call only campaigns. Worst case scenario is you driving paid calls to unmanned numbers. Also take a look at call trends and adjust your bids to be more aggressive during peak call times.

adwords call scheduling

4: Call Only Ad Retargeting

You’re paying for the click not the call. Over time, you’ll see a good percentage of people that have clicked to call your practice never actually went through with the call. Maybe there’s an issue with your ad copy? Maybe the location of the caller didn’t match up with the number that popped up on their phone? At any rate, you should retarget to those missed opportunities as they represent viable, highly engaged patients for your practice.

remarketing call only ads

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