Google’s Featured Snippet Tips for Medical Businesses

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your website’s content into the Google’s feature snippets box, I’m here today to talk to you about how to do so….

So number one, make sure you identify commonly asked questions for the content on your website. Whatever type of medical specialty you are, just type it in the Google search and BAM, you have a list of all these different commonly asked questions that you can put on your website. There’s also a website called and shows you what other people are searching when you type in a topic. It’ll give you a ton of different FAQs and things that people are actually literally typing into Google on a daily basis.

Number two, you have to qualify that content to make sure it is actually searched for quite a bit. I use a tool called SEMRUSH and you can see here for “teeth braces”, it’s a searched for over 12,000 times every single month. You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner for that as well.

Number three is to modify a popular page on your website. So if you have a website page, according to Google, that is ranking really well for that key term, you’ll want to modify that key page with a bunch of different FAQs according to that topic.

Utilizing those three main tactics will definitely help you gave a good foundation for a better chance to get into the featured snippets for your medical website. Until next time, this is Dustin with your “Medical Marketing Minute”. Thanks.

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