The Ultimate Guide to Long Distance Moving Company Lead Generation

Over the years, people’s search habits have changed. So should your moving business. When it comes to generating leads for your long distance interstate / state to state company, it’s our recommendation to follow the steps below. We’ve created one of the most comprehensive guides that we continuously update with new content as things change online. Why do we care so much about moving? Well for one, our Founder used to own a long distance moving company. Two, we see a lot of opportunity in this space for disruption. As self driving vehicles become more prevalent, so will larger transport vehicles, thus changing your business model. Yes, stuff will still always need to go from point A to point B, but both your business structure and the way people SEARCH for you are going to be changing dramatically.

lead generation for long distance moving companies

Lead Generation

Let’s start with the most obvious category and the one that we think about more so each and every day. Leads. Your moving company needs them to survive. So where do you get them from? There are a ton of options out there.

Buying Lead Lists: This is something that many moving companies do initially when they start their business. Maybe they aren’t well versed in what they should do from a lead generation perspective or maybe they were “sold” a list service by a pushy sales person. In our experience, the people or companies on these lists have been most likely bought and sold several times before you. So by the time you call them, they aren’t interested in hearing your pitch and have already found another company to work with. We suggest following some of these suggestions when buying lead lists in the moving space.

Niche Digital Agencies: For some movers working with a local, regional or national digital marketing agency can be an option. What they will most likely do is generate form fill and call leads for you utilizing Google AdWords and landing pages. The downside here is that many agencies have huge markups and they make you lock in to a monthly retainer. The positive side is that many agencies won’t be selling you leads that have been touched before so the close ration will be much higher. Some agencies don’t look like agencies at all. they are a spawn from a larger agency and come across as a niche “lead generating system” so just be careful who you choose.

custom moving company landing pages

Pay Per Call: To our knowledge, there aren’t many people in the space doing pay per call for Long Distance Moving Co’s in the space today. Most of the performance based call agencies that may focus in LDM just resell 1-2 of one of the major pay per call network’s leads. Pay Per Call is a fantastic option because you’re getting real people in real time wanting to speak with someone RIGHT NOW and you’re not paying for people that don’t match the criteria you have setup with the lead provider. For example with my company, DeTorres Group, we setup a rule to where you don’t pay for a call unless you speak with the lead for more than 60, 90 and sometimes 120 seconds. This kind of performance based model makes sens to supplement current lead generation activity or starting off with this tactic for newer National coverage movers.  Maybe of our moving clientele have graduated from 2-3 people answering the phones to large call centers!

Local SEO

You may be thinking here, “why should I focus on Local SEO when I’m covering North America!?”. The answer is: Google knows where your’re located as the business and they are very aware of where the searcher is searching from. If you have offices across the United States or Canada, you better have Google My Business accounts setup and optimized local listings for those offices. As a quick case study, we have a national moving company client that has regional offices in 5 States. Before DeTorres Group partnered with them, they just used Google AdWords to generate traffic to their main URL. We implemented the local / regional Google My Business strategy mentioned above and quickly saw a 20% increase in call in leads and web form leads. How did we do it?

local seo for long distance moving companies

1: We made sure each local office had a consistent NAP (name, address and phone)

2: We then treated each regional office kind of like a franchisee where we named them, “XYZ Moving of Raleigh” or “XYZ Moving of Texas” etc

3: We built out optimized Google My Business profiles for each regional office and incorporated a review generation program for those local clients that used the office closest to them. End result was a nice influx (and still growing) of leads.

Why is this happening? Google’s algorithm is still local even if you’re a national brand. 

The other side to Local SEO is the content and structure of your website. Again, even if you are a national company, it’s still best practice at the time of this Guide to have localized content. A decent example of this is Allied. See how they have tons of local landing pages like this one: which is a spawn of their listing of all of their pages here: . you can even take this tactis a step further by having a nice hierarchy of regional pages with sub states pages and then city ones if you have the resources internally to create something like that. If you do, just make sure you have an SEO (term used for someone who understand Search Engines) that knows what they’re doing.

Several really good resources for Local SEO are: Moz, Andrew Shotland and Mike Blumethal’s LocalU Blog


Live Chat Tools

If you already have a moving website that performs well from a traffic perspective or you’re currently pushing people there from paid ads, you may want to look into a Live Chat tool to help convert some of those people that fall off and go to your comps. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to live chat. Here are some of the differences.

Live Chat for Moving Companies

1: Some require you to physically man the chat. If you aren’t available, the chat won’t come through live.

2: Some allow you to integrate into your iPhone or Android device which opens up your “availability”.

3: Some have real humans manning it from Canada or India 24-7 that give the feeling that someone from your moving company is always on.

After doing a lot of research on dozens of live chat companies, we chose Apex Chat as our favorite. It’s the same one you see on the bottom of the site right now 🙂 We like it because it has the ability to do a round-robin situation after a lead comes in, you can integrate chat into your AdWords Ads and you can have the peace of mind that your chat will never be offline.


Marketing Automation

One way to truly weed out the tire kickers in the moving space is to implement a Marketing Automation platform into your lead generation efforts. Don’t ever just give someone a quote and never talk to them again. Your sales reps should be entering their information into your CRM and placing the leads into a drip campaign. The campaign should be comprised of answers to their most important questions and useful information pre, during and post move. In our experience in working with many National long distance movers, we haven’t seen too many companies utilize follow up like this.

marketing automation for long distance movers

Once you have generated your leads from some of the methods mentioned above, you should create your own company lead score that reflects your ideal clientele. Over time, you’ll be able to see an increase in mover lead to close ratio and a cheaper cost per customer acquisition.

What marketing automation platforms are the best? We are partial to Hubspot but there are many others. Some top ones outside of Hubspot are: Marketo, Exact Target and Pardot.

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