Here’s How We Increased a Coolsculpting Client’s Conversion Rate 1500%

How Did We Do it?

Here we’ll walk through how a Coolsculpting lead generation campaign that we worked on increased conversion rate of about 1500% in five weeks. And not only that, you’ll see the impact that this performance has had on the business overall.

So the competition in this vertical as you might expect or as you know personally, is very high. The click price on a Google Ads, broad keyword phrase related to Coolsculpting is around three $13 and the average cost for the procedure itself ranges from around $2,000 to $4,000. So one of the biggest difficulties in generating profitable leads in this vertical is that while Coolsculpting may be an attractive option for someone looking to lose weight, there’s, as you know, tons of options out there and pretty much every major town and city. So it’s maybe a want, but it’s not really need. It’s also not exactly an impulse buy for most people, which complicates it further.

Coolsculpting Lead Conversion

And then you know, converting these leads into paying patients comes down to the client, the Coolsculpting person, um, internally and as you as the are one of them, or as you may know, you know, a lot of these facilities are amazing at what they do at Coolsculpting and other services, but they may not be the best that conversion. So in truth, there are a few points of differentiation between Coolsculpting clinics in the metropolitan area and it’s a crowded industry full of clients who aren’t, or clinics who aren’t great at conversion and then you throw in, it’s dominated by high click costs.

So it was pretty good challenge for us as an agency.

So our role in helping the client overcome those challenges was to use our real-time behavior tracking, our identity resolution and machine learning AI to pinpoint those people in their market that we’re actively in market for cool sculpting services. And the plan was simple to switch out the client’s previous targeting with detours group targeting. And let’s just really step back and see the numbers change.

The Landscape

So the funnel stayed the same and had been developed by their internal marketing team over a period of about two years. And it, you know, wasn’t unproven, it wasn’t new, it was working just not well enough. So the question was would our strategy change, uh, the process and the numbers and here’s what happened. So first the, you know, the before is what they were getting before the DeTorres Group targeting and the client measures two key numbers here. If they have a call in rate and a lead to consult rate. Um, so before DeTorres Group they were, they were getting about a 3% call inrate and a 25% lead to consult rate. After we worked together, the call-in rate increased to 38% and then we saw a lead to consult rate to 43%. So the math there comes out to 1500% increase in call in rate and the 72% increase in lead to consult rate.

The only thing that we changed was the data and targeting strategy.

plastic surgery conversion rate optimiation coolsculpting

We only changed the targeting strategy going after those people that are in market for Coolsculpting in their geographic area. So these numbers are pretty awesome. But what does it mean in terms of, in terms of impact on this client’s business? So we kind of put this into a, a simple scenario to put into perspective. So let’s, let’s say the client, I was running a PPC campaign and gets about a hundred clicks for an average CPC, like we mentioned earlier of $13 using the client’s targeting strategy and the conversion numbers that resulted from it. Um, prior to us, they’d be spending on average about $1,600 and 25 it’s actually 1625 just to simply book a lead for a consult. In fact, 100 clicks wasn’t really enough to book and Con Consults at times, but we’re keeping the math simple here. So 1625 on average to book and console with the clients, old targeting strategy. So after partnering with DeTorres Group, the cost to book a lead for a console fell from 1625 to $81 and 25 cents.

***That’s the number that ultimately counts for the client, and that’s why this particular client has seen hockey stick growth since working with DeTorres Group.***

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