So if you’re wanting to set up default sets of office location addresses and Hubspot and you can do it inside of enterprise pretty easily, I’ve also included the link to that enterprise level tutorial below this video. But if we’re using professional, like most people are professional license, there’s a workaround. So navigate to content design manager and you. This is as of the date of this video, I’m most people should have the Beta version of the new design manager, which is awesome. And then find the email template that you want to use. So basically what you want to do is clone the email template that you want to use, update the module with the address that you want to use and then make sure you save it under a certain naming conventions so you can clean it over and over again in the future as that one associated with particular address that you want to use. So a scroll down to the very bottom of your email and you’ll see this is a task, but you’ll normally see one office location information module and Click on it. You’ll see a little preview text here. Ad then you want to, this is the one that you wanted to update. You can just delete it information and then type in your new address here and makes sure you center it so it looks good and then you want to publish your changes and then make sure that you preview that template and then make sure that you either save this template and clone it over and over again, or you can actually just associate that with this specific email. Include that email with the correct name and convention, but I hope that helps. Thank you, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at the information below.


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