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Medical Marketing

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With experience working with hundreds of local, regional, and global healthcare companies, DeTorres Group understands the needs of medical practices, as well as the strategies that can best connect them with their potential patients. Healthcare is an industry like no other, so medical marketing demands a unique approach. This is especially true of the digital world. On the internet, you’re not competing solely with other practices in your field. The attention of your average patient is constantly being vied for. Being unable to make that initial connection or to engage with that potential patient can mean losing them entirely.

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The digital marketing landscape is one of constantly evolving trends and insight. The tools & services used to market a healthcare company online may not differ from those used in other industries, but they need to be adapted through data-driven strategy and true innovation. DeTorres Group is just the team with the experience, expertise, and roster that can provide those distinct qualities.

We offer much more than a standard digital marketing campaign. We take a closer look at what your practice’s pain points are and consider the range of different tools and SEO services we provide to put together the strategy that can solve them. Our clients are welcome to state whatever direction they wish, but we have the history of achieving results and working in the industry to offer expert advice when it’s needed. We work with you to help you achieve your targets, rather than just checking the “marketing boxes”. 

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History of Medical Marketing

Medical marketing has played an important role for as long as physicians have existed. From the most rudimentary signs to printed flyers to automobile advertising, those medical service providers who best able to establish a strong connection to their local communities have been those most able to adapt to the trends of marketing have been those.

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Radio and television took the essentials of medical marketing and exposed them to a larger audience than ever. Local practices could become regional brands, delivering more sophisticated information, product reviews, and more engaging appeals to people as far as those broadcasts could reach.

Just as brands across industries were getting used to multimedia advertising, the internet arrived and changed the game entirely. The potential reach of a medical brand or practice was no longer limited to region but could span the entire globe. The digital world isn’t just about advertisements, either. Practices created websites to serve not only as the home of the brand, they were (and continue to be) sources of helpful information and advice for patients.

Besides marketing directly at potential patients, more sophisticated strategies grew to draw patients naturally to those services they needed most. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, programmatic ads and other organic medical marketing practices allow practices to hang welcome signs that can be seen across the whole of the internet and to engage those in their community on a level much closer than one-sided advertising allows for. There is no doubt that medical marketing will continue to evolve, especially in the digital world, which is why it’s crucial to entrust only those with both the knowledge of the medical industry and a constantly evolving approach , spotting the latest and most-effective trends and strategies.

Different Types of Marketing Services

At DeTorres Group, we understand and appreciate the history of medical advertising and how disruptive technological developments can be the key to a practice’s success. We offer a wide range of Search Engine Optimization services for that reason. We use the strategies that are relevant, proven and, most importantly of all, measurable.

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One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that clients no longer have to wait to see the results. Instead of observing the long-term trends of your business in response to marketing, when you work with us, you see the data presented as it happens. This allows you to stop spending thousands of dollars on ineffective campaigns, as well as providing the insights to help you sharpen your approach even more.

Here, we’re going to outline some of the services we offer, and how they can help you achieve marketing success online based on your needs.

Medical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Though primarily a tool to help the average web user efficiently and effectively find the websites, content, and information that they need, search engines have become an incredibly valuable tool in online medical marketing, too.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the discipline of helping your website use these search engines (Google) to their greatest marketing potential. It’s also where DeTorres Group Medical Marketing first began to help our thousands of clients achieve real results.

Studies show that 73% of all patients use Google when trying to find a practice or medical product and that even more will use these sites to find information and advice in response to a wide range of medical queries. These are people who are already inclined to become your patients, you only need to make the journey all the easier for them. This is why SEO is known as “organic marketing.” You don’t have to convince them, you just have to find them.

Search engine optimization uses a range of different techniques and tools to make that easier than ever before. An SEO audit on your practice’s site can help us find a plethora of issues that might be stopping your website from reaching the number one spot in the most relevant search queries.

Some of the factors contributing to SEO success include making your site easier tor search engines to index. With the right site layout and page hierarchy, search engines can properly index different pages. Without that indexing, your individual pages may not be appearing in search results at all.

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Other issues are frowned upon by search engines and might prevent your site from being as prominent as it should be. This can include low-quality or duplicate content, broken links, broken images, black hat (against Google’s Guidelines) linking practices or poor load times. Search engines also take into account the security of your website. Our SEO audit can help highlight a wide range of different contributors to search engine success or failure. Following that, we provide a plan of action to address these issues, helping optimize your site so that it is as search engine friendly as possible

Medical Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret by now that the internet has gone mobile. More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets more regularly than their desktop or laptop computers. The leap to mobile digital technology has only occurred in the past five years, but it’s a mighty big leap indeed. 61% of web users are more likely to use mobile to first engage with a business than other devices.

Mobile isn’t just another way to deliver the same advertisements and digital marketing strategies you have already been using, however. It’s an entirely different medium. For one, mobile device users may not engage with long-form written content as readily as others. The screen real estate is a major contributor to the types of content that work best, as well.

At DeTorres Group, we can help ensure that your practice is taking advantage of the potential reach that mobile platforms offer. This includes the development of ads specifically designed to target mobile device users, mobile search optimization, and direct text communication.

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Your website may also be critical to your mobile success. Responsive websites are those that have been designed to be just as effective on mobile devices as they are on bigger screens. We can take a closer look at your mobile strategy and find what it’s lacking or, if you simply don’t have a mobile strategy, we can help you craft it.

Paid/Programmatic Advertisements

As opposed to organic marketing techniques, like SEO, direct advertisement may be more short-term in its impact, but it can be one of the most effective ways to really grab the attention of your potential patients. Compared to other kinds of advertising, however, paid and programmatic advertisements ensure that every ad placed is in the best possible position to target those web users most likely to convert.

With paid ads, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, you can ensure that your investment sees results. As the name suggests, you only pay for those adverts that patients click on.

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Programmatic ads take those benefits even further. Rather than having to vie for ad placements through negotiation and manual orders, we use software that automatically buys the ad placements that help your medical practice target those most likely to become new patients or customers.

Paid/programmatic ads use a variety of targeting options, including website/search history, location, demographic, and preferences to help you narrow your sights on precisely the market you’re trying to reach. They also work across platforms, allowing you to create campaigns that work on desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets, through channels like search engines, websites, social media, and more.

Through innovative artificial intelligence that specifically targets those most valuable individuals through the channels they are most likely to use, you can see a much greater return on investment for all your ad spend.

Strategic Planning / Target Audience

One of the biggest benefits of online marketing is the data-driven approach that the right team can use with the right tools. Not only can this approach be used to see just how effective your marketing is, it can also be used to develop critical insights on your target audience.

When it comes to planning a strategy, specificity is key. Any digital marketing campaign that tries to be all things to all people will inevitably lead to failure. This is especially true of medical marketing, where the needs and concerns of individual patients can be very specific.patient_persona

We can use insight and experience that you, the client, brings regarding their own patient as well as our own history of marketing on the behalf of hundreds of medical companies. We combine that with the analytics tools connected to search engines, social media, website data, and much more to help you see the data that shows actionable insights. Our strategies can take into account geography, demographics, psychographics, behavior and more to ensure that you know exactly who you can target and how to better do it.

This data can include market research, helping you understand key demographics that may not be targeted as effectively by your existing digital strategy. It can also give you a closer look at the different channels used to convert your existing patients. Website analytics can, for instance, help you see whether visitors who have later converted first found your site through a direct link, an advertisement, search engines, social media, or somewhere else entirely.

Analytics can also be used to identify the obstacles between you and the conversions you need. You can see where you lost engagement with potential patients, allowing us to devise a strategy to make sure that every step of the client life-cycle is optimized as best as possible.

In digital marketing, there are many different tools at your disposal and many different ways to use them. Our strategic planning services can help you get a better idea of which strategies are most likely to provide the results you need, as well as which market they can be better used to target.

DeTorres Group: Your Partner in Medical Marketing

With DeTorres, no two clients get the same treatment. Your services, your needs, and your target demographics are too different. What’s more, a digital medical marketing campaign can unlock even further insights about your patients and those that fail to convert. This helps us devise flexible, adaptable strategies that make the best use of new information as it becomes available.

We’ve worked with 100s of practices and providers in a huge range of medical fields and of all sizes and scales. We have already helped local, national, and global companies, physicians, hospital systems, managed care companies, specialty practices and more. If you want to know how we can help you, take a closer look at some of the services we offer, the testimonials from past clients, or get in touch with us directly. We can help your practice or company incorporate the kind of medical digital marketing that really gets results.

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