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Medical Practice Online Reviews Are Very Important!

Every year, Moz, which is a very highly respected SEO software company, they put out a study based off of thousands of search engine optimization specialists opinions on what are the top local pack in local search ranking factors for both the map area in a google search result, a war or the organic raking section in a search result. So we’re talking about this section right here, and these organic spots right here. We’re not talking about up here where you have to pay and for the map, locate the math spots, the local pack. We’re looking at the review signals. They’re about 13 percent of importance out of 100 and here on the organic side there are about seven percent in the medical space. I would say that you know, after you’ve optimized your website and optimize your local presence, the reviews are going to hold much more weight over somebody’s decision versus somebody looking for a local tinting company or a plumber because you know people’s bodies are the most precious thing in the world. They’re going to be very picky and very maybe more concerned over negative reviews. So let’s pop into a couple of examples here now I’m located here in Orlando and I just did it, I Dr Orlando search and it knows, Google knows where I’m located. I’m in the west side of Orlando, but after you kind of weed through all of the paid ads here, which is something else consider later on in another video. But here’s the local pack and these three guys, there’s a lot of factors that have placed these three in this spot specifically and a lot about half a day with those local search ranking factors in the map spot and I mentioned earlier, um, and you can also see that some of these same guys here, they have a double whammy. So southwest Orlando, Ikea, they’re both number one local pack and their number one organically. You can also see here that Florida I clinic is number three in the map pack and they’re number three here and just remember people are overall pretty lazy. So they’re going to take it during the trust, Google and whatever google presents to them, they’re going to put them at as their short list and probably whittled down from there. So nobody else really exists outside of these three. And maybe the first, third or first half of this first page studies have shown that between these guys and these guys right here, maybe first or second spot here, get about 20 to 30 percent of all the clickthroughs. Um, so pretty much anybody from here down and get very minimal interaction. So first talking about reviews specifically. So look at the number reviews here. One hundred 21 online reviews on Google. Ninety two reviews 10. Um, okay. So as a person looking for, I care for myself, for my family, you know, I’m going to definitely look at these two guys right here. So look at transcending eyecare. Ninety two and four point nine. Pretty sure that everybody that is searching mode, probably 95 percent of them have been conditioned through third parties, like Amazon to look at reviews and make quick decisions based off of the number here and the number here. So when they click on a transcending amyloid scan through the reviews, I’m seeing above and beyond positive positive, and then Google desert a good job of giving you a summarization summary of of some top reviews as well. I just did the same thing. I’m going to the chiropractor near me. I googled it. You got the four ads here and you got three choices here. I’m 55, seven, 102. Which ones are going to. I’m going to pick one. I’d probably pick this one. Number one, possibly call these guys, maybe call these guys, but odds are probably in a pit click, a integrated chiropractic health care. They’re both close to me and they have a lot of reviews. Now the near aspect of local search ranking factors is pretty important. People are gonna want to know if it’s really close to them? Um, what studies have also shown that the review can override that. So they’re willing to drive a bit further if the reviews are much better. Again, scrolling down, looking at the highlights, fivestar positive five star positive local guide. If I would say most people don’t know what that is, but that’s something that gives a lot of reviews and took pictures. Think about you as you make your buying decisions throughout your day. Um, what is it about the reviews that makes you choose a specific service or product saying people are out there, other humans just like you’re making the same decisions about your practice. And first off, we have to make sure that your choice. And then second off, you want to make sure that you have both quantity and quality reviews.

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