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Medical SEO Return on Investment Calculator

Being that we are in the business of driving leads and revenue to our medical clients, we have to PROVE that what we are doing is working. Throwing a wrench into the mix is the fact that we focus on Medical SEO much of the time. One of the biggest questions that we got when we started doing this was, “How can I understand the ROI of my Search Engine Optimization investment?”

While no patient is the exact same, and there are TONS of variables like the ones below that affect your profit margins, it’s good to have a high level understanding of what the potential ROI is when spending thousands a month on Medical SEO.

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medical seo return on investment calculator

Medical Practice Variables that Affect Profit Margin %

Type of Appointment: Does the patient have insurance that is accepted by you & how much is covered?

Type of Procedure: You should target those types of people that represent your most profitable procedure / reimbursement type etc.

Stakeholder Investment: Depending on your type of specialty, you may perform surgeries in a hospital setting or where someone else pays all the marketing and equipment costs. They may may 2x what you do but you haven’t spent any of your money to generate this revenue.

Other Variables that Affect Long Term Sustainability

Recurring Revenue Structure: What types of service lines can you package or setup on a recurring subscription model?

Patient Referrals: These people are very valuable and have heard good things from past or current patients of yours.

Word of Mouth Advertising: This viral effect has a ripple effect on your regional marketplace. It decreases your PAC (Patient Acquisition Cost).

Download the Medical SEO Calculator Here
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