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If you’re in the medical space and have a website, there’s a lot of things you should be doing to stay on top of the competition from an SEO standpoint. Every day, Google updates their search algorithm probably multiple times as well.

In 2018, Google released one of their major core algorithm updates, Medic. This affected a lot of types of sites with a focus on the health and medical industry. Many were affected negatively as they weren’t adhering to the Google Guidelines for ranking their site in search.

SEMrush Sensor Tool: Healthcare

As SEO practioners, we use a lot of SEO tools online like SEMrush, Spyfu & Screaming Fromg. However, we trust the Sensor Tool provided by SEmrush to be one of our “go to” spots to see when a new algorithm update may or may not be affected certain industries. See below the segmented HEALTHCARE category in all of its glory. If there’s a lower score, like a 1-3, there’s probably not much algorithm volatility. If you see a 4+, there may be some fluctuations in the medical / health space with traffic and search rankings due to Google’s updates.