New Tool Launched by Google to Check Your Medical Website’s SEO

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In November 2018, Google announced the launching of their new tool to check  & analyze your website’s SEO. The tool is in BETA mode and available to anyone online.

Click here to see the tool

After investigation of the tool and running numerous medical website’s through it, it just made it super clear to me as to what Google is up to. The tool checks your typical site speed, coding best practices and SEO. It also seems to focus a little more than I’ve seen on Information Architecture, ie. colors and accessibility. This is directly in line with the Medic update that came out recently as well.

new google website tool


So what can I do to fix it? After running your website through the tool, you’ll have a running list of fixes. Send over the list to your medical agency on record or developer. If you do not have an agency, contact us today!

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