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Pay for Performance SEO

The SEO world is always changing, updating, and evolving. This is a necessary piece to the SEO industry, due in no small part to the fact that Google updates its algorithm between 500 and 600 times per year. To try and keep pace with Google is a full time job and having that type of resource internal at your company is probably not going to happen. Even if you have an internal marketing team, their SEO acumen will most likely not be on par with what you need. 

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After building up a small digital marketing agency and selling it, DeTorres Group’s Founder didn’t want to be like everyone else in the game. So he started putting his money where his mouth is with SEO. Our methodology is pretty simple. If we don’t rank you for the keywords(s) we agree to, you don’t pay. 

Performance Based SEO

How Does it Work?

Our performance based SEO process is very customized to the URL that we are working on. There’s a lot more to the image above / steps below but here are some of the generalities. Remember, that anything and everything we do is 100% White Hat.

1: Research & Analysis: Once you are approved to work with us, we get to work on a grouping of keywords that we have all agreed upon. Then, we start the deep analysis of looking at your competition, the industry as a while and other geographic factors that may affect rankings. There’s a lot of technical site fixes we do at this stage as well as later on to make sure we have a strong foundation.

2: Identifying Keyword Opportunities: In a performance based SEO model, it’s essential to choose the right grouping of keywords. Instead of just going after one keyword like you used to be able to do, it’s important to find strategic GROUPINGS that represent a holistic, important part of your business.

3: On-Site Structure: The on-site structure of your site is almost as important as other parts of your marketing strategy. In this phase, we make sure that the URL we are working on is healthy and in tip top shape from a UX (user experience).

4: Copywriting: Don’t have much content on your site? No problem. We employ professional copywriters that can elaborate or create content for your site for better UX and the search engines.

5: Speed Performance: Believe it or not, website speed is a huge ranking factor. For every second your site doesn’t load on desktop or mobile, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic, leads or calls. During this phase, we make sure your site speed is above a specific threshold.

6: Marketing and Backlinks: At this point, we are ready to start utilizing paid ad methods like Google AdWords, Facebook & LinkedIn. We also do manual outreach to potential links that will help your back link profile.

7: Reporting: Each week, you’ll receive a report that shares you your SEO performance and other KPI’s that we are working for you from an SEO standpoint.

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How is this possible?

SEO is a notoriously fickle world. What works one week might not work the next, so you’re likely wondering why SEO agencies would be willing to take the risk and offer their services on a pay-for-performance basis.

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It’s possible for SEO services to be offered on a pay per performance basis when the SEO company is confident of their skills in this area. Over the past 10 years, our team has been working in the trenches on SEO projects from across the world. We have experience working with large, international moving companies all the way to small, mom and pop operations. 

So, what are the basic tenets of SEO that any company offering pay per performance has to understand?

  • Relevance. Google, and other search engines, want to deliver the most relevant results for users who are performing a search. SEO will always benefit from highly relevant content, which is contextual with the surrounding text and provides genuine benefit to the user. A lack of relevance is one of the reasons old-fashioned SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing, have died out. Relevance is also found by using off-site, relevant links to the targeted URL, which helps to confirm to Google that the content is considered beneficial and useful by others.
  • Quality. As mentioned, Google wants to ensure that the pages its search results send to users are of as high a quality as possible. To make use of this preference, SEO companies know that quality is far more important than quantity, and will carefully strategize for maximum impact.
  • Mobile Optimization. Google considers sites that are optimized for mobile viewing to be vitally important, and thus SEO companies know they need to ensure all sites they are seeking to promote meet this requirement.
  • White Hat. As Google changes their algorithm, as an agency, you have to adhere to specific guidelines.

As well as mastering the always-true SEO basics, SEO companies who are confident enough to offer pay per performance also have to know they can track all the small changes that Google makes to its algorithm.

Is there a catch?

When it comes to pay for performance SEO, you may be wondering what exactly you’ll be able to judge as a “performance”. Will you be guaranteed page one rankings for particular terms? Will you have to accept keywords suggested to you by the company?

  • The truth is, no company — no matter how sound their SEO strategy — can guarantee page one rankings, and you should be skeptical of any company who claims they can achieve this feat. The benefit of pay per performance SEO is that if the company doesn’t deliver page one rankings, then you don’t pay, so it’s well worth trying just to see if it’s possible. There’s a difference between a company being confident they can return page one rankings and outright guaranteeing it, and you should always opt for the company who is confident rather than one that tries to guarantee an impossible task.
  • You can select your own keywords for pay per performance SEO, just like you would with any other campaign. You can choose the keywords you believe are most relevant to your business, and it’s then down to the company you work with to deliver the results you want for those keyword groupings. 

Custom Reporting

At any time, you’ll be able to check your online rankings via our real-time reporting system. Always be aware of how our transparent, performance based SEO program works.

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Performance Based SEO Benefits

Whether performance based SEO is for you or for your clients, there are some very true benefits involved here.

1: It’s a great way to have peace of mind that someone else has skin in the game with you.

2: With the right agency, you’ll have full transparency into what theya re doing to help your websites rank.

3: You can focus on running your business or agency, not all of the detail surrounding SEO.

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