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Pay Per Call Marketing Calculator

Over the years, we have had many prospects & clients ask us questions about the true ROI of Pay Per Call Marketing. We put together some of actual algorithms we use daily into a calculator you can download and use for yourself! Have a question? Watch the video or contact us for more info. You can also see below some actual pay per call price ranges. Just remember that your targets may be dramatically different as we take into consideration many variables.

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Estimated Pay Per Call Marketing Costs

Every client we work with may likely pay a different cost per qualifying call. However, we have provided some estimated price ranges based on our experience in doing pay per call marketing. Remember that each call isn’t considered a “paid” call unless they pass the threshold of 60, 90 or 120 sec.

HVAC Calls: $40 – $87

Long Distance Moving Calls: $25 – $48

Local Moving Company Calls: $15 – $35

Appliance Repair Calls: $20 – $37

Roofing Contractor Calls: $68 – $130

Dentist Calls: $21 – $50

Water Restoration Calls: $59 – $190

Towing Company Calls: $19 – $41

Legal Calls: $90 – $500+

Insurance (Health, Life or Auto) Calls: $45 – $99

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