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Pay Per Call Marketing

If you’re looking to catapult your business into the stratosphere, there’s every chance that you’re keen to hone your marketing strategy and employ techniques that are designed to achieve optimum results. Whether you’re already doing some sort of performance based marketing campaign, or have never even heard of this type of marketing, you may be considering using pay per call marketing as a part of your strategy. This page will provide you with information about pay per call marketing and give you an idea of what you can expect. 

pay per call marketing

What exactly is pay per call marketing?

In a nutshell, pay per call marketing, aka cost per call, is a method of generating leads in a bid to ultimately drive sales by. The main difference here compared to other forms of marketing is that with this tactic, the agency or advertiser (business) doesn’t pay unless a call is made. Companies looking to advertise products or services pay a publisher (the company generating the leads) in exchange for access to qualified, genuine call leads. The publishers post ads online or offline, which feature unique telephone numbers that enable you to monitor the efficacy of the individual advertisement and evaluate the success of your partnership with that publisher. This form of marketing has become more popular in recent years due to pretty much everyone having smartphones. Since Pay Per Click marketing is less secure due to click fraud and being kind of vague in attribution to actual closed deals, call marketing has become very popular recently. (Want to calculate pay per call ROI? Check out our new pay per call calculator here.

Let’s not get confused here. Pay Per Call marketing isn’t the same as creating an 800# and having people call it in a pay per minute situation. Sometimes the term is used interchangeably with that tactic which is called “premium rate numbers”. The only similarity would be that the advertiser (business) may be billed after a specific time frame like 60, 90 or 120 seconds after the call has been received at the business or call center level. See some variables that affect pay per call pricing here.

How does pay per call marketing work?

Pay per call marketing is designed to link prospects who have a genuine interest in a product or service with a business that provides them. The advertiser lets the publisher or pay per call agency know their preferred geographic territory and service or product they want to promote. The publisher then uses online and offline tactics to drive people to call the number in the ad. In many cases, micro-websites or landing pages are created on the advertisers behalf to drive leads and to influence the prospect to call the local, regional or national business.  The model should ensure that there is a high chance of converting leads, as clients who do contact the business are likely to have an interest in buying or placing an order. When the prospect sees an ad, the ad has a unique tracking phone number which tracks the phone-call. The advertiser can set a time limit to determine whether or not the lead is qualified and sometimes incorporate an IVR. If all of the KPI’s are met, the advertiser pays the publisher or agency a fee for the call.  At DeTorres Group, we generate high-quality, exclusive call leads and advertisers only pay when our marketing campaigns perform.  See the general visualization of one of our Pay Per Call campaigns below. 

How We Help Pay Per Call Marketing

Steps from Above Diagram: 

1: Multi-Channel Marketing: Traffic to your offer is captured via a multi-channel approach via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and a plethora of other tactics.

2: Landing Pages: The traffic then arrives on one of your many landing pages that explain the offer and weeds out the people you DON’T want to speak to.

3: Phone Calls: A call is made to the tracking number provided.

4: Interactive Voice Response: An automated IVR is then triggered which further segments and pre-qualifies the lead.

5: Call Leads: You receive a real-time phone call that’s exclusive to your business. (in most cases, we setup a time-frame, ie 60 – 90 seconds, to where you still don’t pay for the call unless you speak with the person longer than that time-frame.

6: Custom Reporting: You also receive customized reports based around the KPI’s we have established.

Who Uses Pay Per call Marketing?

Normally there are 3 main types of people that use Pay Per Call Marketing. They are Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers.

Advertisers are the businesses that need leads. They sometimes work with agencies that have relationships with the publishers or sometimes work directly with the publishers that have affiliate relationships.

Agencies, in many cases, are partnered with companies like ours or directly with pay per call networks. In some cases, Ive seen people in-house that are rock-stars at generating call leads as well.

Publishers are the people actually generating the calls. They utilize many different on and offline tactics to generate desktop and mobile phone call leads.

What can you expect from pay per call marketing?

It all comes down to 3 things. 1: The geography you’re targeting. Local, like small towns. Regional like States or Multi-State areas. Or National. In some cases, we have works with clients that focus on multiple continents. 2: The type of business you are. 3: Your budget. For example, a National Insurance company is going to generate a much higher quantity of calls than a local water restoration business. Some businesses that supplement their lead gen effort with pay per call may increase their budget significantly which can result in a HUGE influx of calls. This is why we recommend (no matter your budget) to prepare for your call campaigns ahead of time by taking several precautions. Outside of setting sales goals, one thing you must do is make sure that you have internal resources that can field these calls. Some of our clients have 3rd party call centers or answering services like a Answer Connect or Acquire that manages the calls for you. Another consideration is to make sure to use a somewhat sophisticated CRM & Marketing Automation platform. We recommend Hubspot but there are others out there like Marketo and Salesforce you should look into. If you aren’t going to use a call center, you should train your sales reps or people fielding the calls to ask the right questions to make sure they are a right fit. 

How can pay per call marketing benefit you?

One of the best things about pay per call marketing is that the conversion rate & buyer intent is much higher than traditional Adwords (PPC) advertising.  When someone on their cell phone sees an ad on their favorite website like CNN, Facebook or in Google and clicks on it, depending on the messaging and other factors, they will have a higher likelihood of calling your business. Many of the campaigns we run for our clients are actually mobile first and only, due to us seeing higher conversion rates isolating those types of devices.  Since everyone basically has a Smartphone, running click to call ads and landing pages that are call friendly have fantastic conversion rates if you know what you’re doing when you set them up.

What Types of Businesses Work Best?

Almost ANY type of business will work with pay per call marketing. Over the years, we have seen some very good results in the competitive spaces like national or regional Home Improvement Services, Long Distance Moving, Water Restoration and others.

Take a look at some of the verticals we focus on. If you’re wanting to take your marketing campaigns up a notch, supplement your lead gen strategy, you’re struggling to convert leads, or you’re not seeing results from your current pay per call strategy, it’s a good idea to seek expert advice. At the DeTorres Group, we specialize in achieving results, solving problems and taking your business to the next level.

We are an innovative, forward-thinking digital marketing agency, which focuses solely on pay for performance marketing. If you’re paying out, and you’re still not getting results, we can help. We use tried and tested methods to generate high-quality leads, and we use a range of effective methods to deliver results. We tailor the campaign to suit your business and your target market, and we work with you to ensure that your investment reaps the rewards you desire.