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Google My Business Optimization for Plastic Surgeons

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Having a plastic surgery practice with multiple Doctors and services may be confusing when you want to have the right setup on Google My Business.

There have been a ton of changes over the last 5 years when it comes to your local Google search presence.

If you’ve been in the game for a while, you probably have had Google Plus account and now have a mess when it comes to your local listing presence.

We aren’t going to tell you about the basics here nor tell you why it’s important to have a Google Listing. We are basically going to tell you how to have the RIGHT configuration when it comes to a local / regional medical practice.

Claiming Your Practice

There are 3 types of managers of your GMB listing. In order to be one of those, you’ll need to either gain access from an authorized manager or owner or create one from scratch. If you need to create one from scratch, go to to get started.

Types of Google My Business Setups for Plastic Surgeon Practitioners

Single Practitioners

If you are the ONLY doctor of your practice, you only need ONE GMB listing. In this situation, you could create a single listing with the format of NAME OF PRACTICE: YOUR NAME. Example of this would be “Unity Family Chiropractic: Bourst Jennifer”

solo practioner google my business

Note: If you already have a separate local listing for your practice and one for yourself, it’s not the end of the world. If you have reviews on both and they are both ranking, I would just leave them as they are. Google makes these recommendations in their Guidelines but I’ve never seen anyone penalized for having them separated like that. I have seen people get punished for trying to “game” the system though.

If you have one listing ranking and have reviews but the other one doesn’t, you can consolidate by reaching out to Google Support on Twitter here.


This is where a lot of plastic surgeon pros mess up. Best practices are to create your OWN listing if:

1: You have a public facing position internally at the practice.

2: You have been contracted by the practice.


If you have a plastic surgeon practice now and ONLY have a local listing for your practice….should you go ahead and create numerous practitioner listings now? I would say YES. Why? because it will give you more visibility. However, I recommend being careful to not compete against your other listings. You’ll want to do it strategically with using different categories, etc. This is, IMO, where a medical focused SEO agency comes in to help.

What if you have a Physician that works at multiple locations that have a different name? This is, again, an opportunity to gain additional exposure for that Doctor. You would just follow the same layout as below and make sure that you don’t cannibalize your local listings by ding all of the same categories.

multi doctor practice listing

What if my practitioner’s listing is OUTRANKING my business listing? We have seen several instances of this. An easy fix would be to just switch the main phone line of the doc’s listing with your main line and keep the doctor’s number as secondary. Then, after several weeks, switch the names and meta data on both to how you see fit.

What website should I be linking to? We recommend linking to the practitioner’s page on any listings related to the actual practitioner. If you’re a solo business like mentioned above or your’e updating the main business listing, you’ll want to use the main home page of your site. See the easy to follow chart as reference below.


Consistency is KEY

Whatever name you go by on Google, I recommend keeping it the same on other platforms like Yelp and BING. Having a consistent name, address, phone and website will help Google feel that your info s more accurate. In turn, it will help you rank better in the local maps listing and has some influence in the Organic search results as well.

Some additional things to consider for your medical listing are:

  • Generate Reviews
  • Add Images
  • Add Videos
  • Add Posts
  • Make Sure Your Categories are Correct
  • Write Out a Thought Our Description
  • Link to Your Practice URL
  • Check out the Insights Section

Having a practice, staff, overhead, insurance, etc is a lot on you. You shouldn’t have to worry about the intricacies of Google or their Google My Business Accounts. Whomever you work with that manages your SEO should understand how to structure and optimize. If they don’t….run. We can help!