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Plastic Surgery Link Building

High Quality / White Hat Links for Your Practice

Generate super high quality backlinks for your plastic surgery practice to boost your site’s rankings in the search engines. Inbound links are one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking your medical practice online. This is also a HUGE factor when your business is in a highly competitive specialty or geography.

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Who is DeTorres Group?

We are a plastic surgery focused marketing agency that helps clients focus on growing their practice instead of the time consuming process of trying to generate backlinks. We’ve helped 100’s of cosmetic / aesthetic specialties across the US, Europe and Canada grow, dominate their niche and their local competition.

How Our Process Works

Step 1

Request a Consultation

After you request a consult and we speak, you’ll give us your basic website / targeting details. We will then start investigating your campaign and create a gameplan that we will also review together.

Step 2

Go Back to Running Your Practice

This is where we get to work. You don’t have to worry about doing anything…. really. Our team of backlink professionals are busy reaching out and creating valuable content for you.

Step 3


Normally after about 1-2 weeks, you’ll start to see a drip of backlinks in your dashboard. Around this time is when you’ll also start to see some positive trends holistically in your plastic surgery website’s SEO.

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A Link Building Strategy that’s Natural.

We have hands on experience working with the most competitive plastic / cosmetic / aesthetic niches. We are also dedicated to getting clients for life. Other agencies may try everything under the sun, including tactics that are considered “black hat” or against the Google Guidelines to generate fast rankings for their clients.

We’ve always taken the high road when it comes to link building. Although our process may take longer and be more expensive, our medical clients have seen incremental growth, stronger SEO long term and steadier, more predictable growth.

High Quality Medical Content Standards

We have a team of 20+ medical writers that have a high acuity / lots of experience writing niche medical specialty content that will pass the sniff test of any level of medical professional or patient. We never copy or spin content and everything is 100% checked out via Copyscape.

Don’t settle for content that’s written by non-English speaking people or people who have zero experience in your medical specialty. Content is truly one of those things where you get what you pay for.

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Amazing Support

Trust us, we know that there are a lot of sketchy link building companies out there. We are based in Florida, and are available by phone and email 24-7. Once your campaign gets started, you’ll be matched up with your main point of contact and you can reach out to them or our support team anytime if you have any questions about the process.

“The quality and results are there. I can tell that these guys understand my space better than other generic agencies out there….”

Dr. Charlston

“We tried less expensive link building companies with no results. As soon as our first back-link was structured, we started to see the needle move more in our practice’ SEO”

Dr. Oppenheimer
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Plastic Surgery SEO Link Building FAQs

What’s the benefit of backlinks especially in plastic surgery? 

Google still considers the quality, sometimes the quantity and the “authority” of your website’s backlink profile a ranking signal. This is one of the reasons why you see your competition’s website ranking higher than yours time and time again in both the Organic (free) section and Map section in the search results. Medical / healthcare, depending on your vertical or specialty is SUPER competitive and more of a reason to generate backlinks.

How Do I Generate plastic surgery Related Backlinks?

If you aren’t working with a digital marketing agency that focuses on Medical, you can attempt yourself. The most passive way is to just create awesome content. The other ways include doing manual outreach and PR.

Will medical back-linking improve my website’s visibility? 

Yes, over time. Especially if you’re doing this strategically and not just linking to any website that will accept. Avoid any “black hat” tactics.