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We can help your Allergy / Asthma Practice Generate New Patients with SEO

Allergy / Immunology SEO

Grow your practice online.

We know how much pressure you’re getting out there as an allergy or asthma specialist. Patients are going to the local ENT, CVS, Walgreens or Hospital for help instead of coming in to see you and your staff. Marketing your asthma practice online is getting harder so it’s becoming even more imperative to work with a specialist like DeTorres Group that focuses solely on Medical SEO.

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Why focus on SEO? Bottom line, it’s how new patients are searching for you. Even if they are a referral, they are still going to Google to look you up or find someone “closer” to where they live or work.

What is Allergy / Asthma SEO?

SEO stands for search Search Engine Optimization. It’s the ability to rank your website, Doctor’s name or Brand at the TOP of Google / Bing when your potential patients are searching for “allergy help in my city” or “asthma doctor near me” or “best immunologist” etc etc. There are hundreds of ever changing online ranking factors that contribute to only about 10 positions on the first page of results. So working with a team of people that both understand YOUR type of practice AND SEO is very important.

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Why Should I Invest in SEO?

Better Online Reputation: Google gives us (SEO Practioners) search guidelines to follow. In that, they state that getting feedback and online reviews is important. Studies have also shown that better and more online reviews helps with your SEO.

More Cash Patients: What if you didn’t have to worry so much about getting reimbursed or having to work with pesky insurance agencies? We love private pay clients as well! Being the most visible allergy specialist in your metro area could allow you to get to that point.

Lower Cost to Acquire Patients: How much are you spending now on paid ads? Whether you are or you’re contemplating it, having a strong SEO foundation as well as a team of people working day in and day out on it will help you become less reliant on PPC over time.

SEO Reporting & Tracking

As a business, you obviously want to watch specific KPIs like cashflow, payables, new appointments and lifetime value of your patients. When doing SEO either nationally or locally, you’ll want to focus on specific KPIs as well like traffic, lead attribution to SEO, Cost Per Lead, etc. We help you do all of that with our custom marketing dashboards tapered to your specific allergy / immunology practice.

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Allergy SEO Cost?

We have detailed out some pricing details here for Medical SEO. Your cardiology practice would be very similar. It just depends on how aggressive you want to be, your goals and any budgetary restraints.

Immunology Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How soon will my practice start seeing SEO results? 

It all depends on several factors. How aggressive do you want to be? What’s your competition like? Do you have a well optimized allergy / asthma website already?

Do you lock me into a long term agreement? 

No. You can cancel anytime with a 30 days notice.

How many allergy specialist clients do you have? 

We have worked and work with many types of allergists across the country and Canada.

What’s the next step in working together? 

We have a call together, learn about your goals, do an analysis on your website and then get to work!

Do you have allergy specialist references? 

Yes! After you reach out to us, we will provide our references to you.

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