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We can help your Cardiology Practice Generate New Patients with SEO

Cardiology Practice SEO

Grow your cardiologist practice online.

Unlike other agencies, our sole focus is working with medical practitioners on their search engine optimization. We have direct experience working with generalists,  pediatric, cardio-thoracic and other types of cardiologists.

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If you’re a new practice or one that’s been established for a while, there’s a good chance that you need a better presence online. Actually, even if you’ve  worked with another SEO company and you have seen awesome results, Google updates their algorithm so much that you need to stay on top of it daily. Whether you’re a single practice or part of a healthcare group, we can create a custom SEO package that fits your budget and needs.

What is Cardiology SEO?

SEO stands for search Search Engine Optimization. So basically what cardiology SEO is the practice of optimizing one’s website to come up higher in the search results on Google and Bing. When someone searches for “cardiologist in XXXXX”, you want to be the obvious choice. Google uses hundreds of different search engine ranking factors that determine whether or not you’re website or listing in the Google Maps is going to show. These factors change all of the time so it’s important to have a specialist managing this entire process for you.

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What Are the Benefits of Doing SEO?

Outside of the online visibility mentioned above, here are some additional benefits:

More private pay patients: What if you generated 50 – 75% more patients this next year? This would place you in a good spot to be more selective as to whom you take on insurance wise. You also don’t have to worry about patients that may be restricted by an MCO.

Lower Patient Acquisition Cost or PAC: Why always continue to pay for Google Advertising or other methods offline to generate new patients? You should be investing in your website’s own infrastructure so it generates website traffic and appointments on auto pilot.

Improved Online Reputation: Part of cardiology SEO is generating more online reviews. The additional quality and quantity is helpful for your holistic SEO but it also gives people researching you a better idea about you and your practice. Remember that people that were referred to you will STILL Google you. What are they seeing?

SEO vs Paid Media

When a patient finds your cardiology practice through Organic (free) traffic, they are more qualified. Why is this? With a well optimized website, you’ll likely rank for longer tail searches like, “what cardiologist near me has experience with elderly?” or “what is the best rated pediatric cardiologist in my city”. Also, long term, you won’t have to keep investing in paid as your organic search traffic will overcome the paid traffic. In other words, your SEO ROI will keep paying off month after month. See chart below and download our SEO ROI Calculator here.

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SEO Reporting & Tracking

Obviously, you need to also be able to track the KPIs from your SEO. At DeTorres Group, we offer 24/7 accessible online reports and monthly calls to review our SEO gains. We also take a look at how SEO has contributed to patient growth and any other key performance indicators that we agree upon before working together.

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Cardiologist SEO Cost?

We have detailed out some pricing details here for Medical SEO. Your cardiology practice would be very similar. It just depends on how aggressive you want to be, your goals and any budgetary restraints.

Cardiology Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How soon will my practice start seeing SEO results? 

It depends. We normally see a noticeable jump in rankings in month 2-3 but there’s a lot of factors at play here. If you’re already ranking well and you want to launch a new service line or go from position 5 to 1 on the first page for your most competitive terms, sometimes that takes long.

Do you lock me into a long term agreement? 

No way. We offer our services as a month to month service. You can cancel at anytime.

How many cardiologist clients do you have? 

We have worked and work with dozens of cardiology related practices ranging from small, one location in a small town to large, multi-location practices in cities like NY and LA.

What’s the next step in working together? 

We hop on a call to discuss your needs and our solutions, then create a customized plan to fit the outcome of our research and conversations.

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