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We help your Internal Medicine Practice Generate New Patients with SEO

Gastroenterology SEO

Grow your practice online.

As a gastroenterologist, your number one focus is taking care of patients. You shouldn’t have to worry about doing search engine optimization yourself. Odds are, the internal team you have aren’t going to be specialists in Gastro SEO either.

Let’s talk numbers here.

In the US alone, there are over 320,000 searches for “Gastroenterologist near me”. There’s also a pretty nice trend over the last 5 years (see below).

Even if you’re prospective patient is a referral, they’re still going to look you up online. What are they going to see? Are they going to find you?

What is Gastroenterology SEO?

SEO stands for search Search Engine Optimization. So basically what gastroenterology SEO is, is the online strategy and tactics to have your medical website come up high on Google & Bing when people are looking for an internal medicine Doctor in their area. There are hundreds of different Google Search Engine Ranking Factors and they are continuously changing. The person or team of people handling your online SEO should be immersed in the space and be well aware of what it takes to rank your site and keep the ranking high over time.

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What Are the Benefits of Doing SEO?

Outside of the online visibility mentioned above, here are additional benefits:

Lower PAC or patient acquisition costs: Over time, you’ll start to see a lower PAC since Google’s Organic traffic and SEO is like an annuity for the future. The more you invest now, the better you’ll be long term.

Better Reputation / Perception is Reality: As mentioned before, your referrals are even Googling you to check you out. If you have a 2.0 stars out of 5.0, people will take that seriously especially since you manage their health.

Location Markers: Google is getting pretty serious about knowing WHERE people are when they search for a gastroenterologist. A well optimized practice online will be able to be found (Local SEO) but also come up top of the maps pack and in the Organic listing section.

SEO vs Paid Media

If a searcher online finds your gastroenterology practice via a free, Organic search listing, they will be more qualified. Long tail searches like, “best gastro doctor near me that focuses on liver disease” are so specific and Google does a good job (especially if you do well with your own SEO) to organize the choices of practitioners to fit the needs of the searcher. You’ll now have patients coming to you that are more qualified and more educated on your processes and specialties.

Long term play. Instead of always having to pay for leads via paid traffic like Google Ads, you can just invest in SEO and you’ll be setup for success in the future. See the diagram below. The ROI of SEO continues to pay off even after the paid campaigns were turned off. This is how you build a long term, sustainable Gastroenterology Practice.


Gastroenterology Reporting

Obviously, you need to also be able to track the KPIs from your SEO. At DeTorres Group, we offer 24/7 accessible online reports and monthly calls to review our SEO gains. We also take a look at how SEO has contributed to patient growth and any other key performance indicators that we agree upon before working together.

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Gastroenterology SEO Cost?

There are different types of pricing details here for Medical SEO. You can expect to go on a monthly, project or hourly basis spending on a lot of different SEO & goal factors. If you’d like to explore SEO options with us, feel free to chat or call us today.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

You sure can! There are TONS of resources out there like Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal that give news and tips for you to learn SEO. There are also training websites like Lynda & Udemy you can buy training for yourself on.

For the same reason that we won’t practice Gastroenterology, we recommend not practicing SEO unless you are truly going to make it a full time practice.

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