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We help Gynecology Practices Generate New Patients with SEO

Gynecology SEO

Grow your OB/GYN practice online.

As a Gynecologist or Obstetrician, your main focus is most likely on taking amazing care of the women who come in to see you on a daily basis. Even if you feel busy, there’s a lot of other women searching for you online that aren’t finding you.

Did you know that in the US, there are over 2.4 Million searches each year for “gynecologist”? There’s also a nice trend towards potential patients searching for related terms on Google. See below. If you’re in a major metro area, there’s a TON of searches for what you do and only so many spots available to be shown in the search results.

What is OB/GYN SEO?

SEO stands for search Search Engine Optimization. When a woman is searching for “obgyn near me” or “best gynecologist in XXXX”, your website needs to be an option in both the Organic (free) area and the Google Maps listings areas on Google. The process of optimizing ones website and business online for more of a chance to be shows to those searchers is ON/GYN SEO.

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What Are the Benefits of Doing SEO?

Outside of the online visibility mentioned above, here are additional benefits:

Location Optimization: when there are a ton of OB/GYNs on top of each other in a medium to large city area, Google reverts back to the search ranking factors and location of the searcher. Ever wonder why one of your competition always comes up? That’s Location Optimization through SEo or what’s called Local SEO.

OB/Gyn Reputation: Word of mouth isn’t the most dominate form of social proof any longer. It’s your online reviews. Even if someone is referred to you through friend, there;’s a high likelihood that they are going to Google your practice and check out the reviews.

Website Traffic: The more traffic you have on your site, the more chances are you’ll get more appointments, new patients and ultimately more revenue for your practice. If you have engaging content, you’ll also get people to stay on your website for longer which is also a search engine ranking factor!

SEO vs Paid Media

The biggest different in SEO and Paid Advertising like Google Ads is ROI. Over time, the return on the amount you’ve spent in time and money on SEO will pay off a lot. See diagram below.

We don’t totally knock paid ads. You may even need to go that route IN CONJUNCTION with SEO if you’re a new practice just getting started. However, if you only invest in paid media, once that’s turned off, your presence online may dramatically be reduced. We recommend a combined strategy of owned, earned and paid media that fits both your budget and goals.


Gynecology SEO Reporting

No matter what type of online marketing you’re doing, you need to know what’s driving your OB/GYN practice revenue. When working with an SEO company, the best ones provide reporting that is tapered toward your business and the KPIs that were agreed upon when you first started working together. When you work with DeTorres Group, we create custom SEO reports that you can access at anytime and we also have a monthly call to review.

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There are different types of pricing details here that we have outlined. It comes down to the medical practice marketing budget you’ve set aside. We recommend spending about 20-30% of your overall budget on search engine optimization.

Can’t I Just Add on SEO as a Service with my Current Agency?

Of course! The difference in working with us is that we have over a decade of experience working solely in your space on the SEO front. Most digital marketing agencies out there are more generic and they offer everything under the sun as a service. We only do medical SEO so we know all of the intricacies and legal requirements that affect good rankings on Google versus mediocre rankings.

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