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We Help Your Senior In-Home Care Business Generate Business with SEO

Home Care Business SEO

Find More Families Looking for Help.

If you’re a home health care agency, hospice or private duty home care agency, read on. With an elderly population growing and ready to explode, you’ve chosen the right industry to be in. However, there are also a TON of other senior care related companies opening up left and right of you. What are home care agencies going to have to do to get majority market share? Outside of the typical networking your franchise system suggests, you need to be investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now so your future is bright.

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What Exactly is Home Healthcare SEO?

Imagine that a family member has a mother that is getting old and unable to take care of herself. One of the first places he or she may go is to Google to search for things like, “in-home care help for my mom” or “help for seniors at their home”. She’s then click on an Ad or an Organic result. Is your business listing (maps) or website coming up as an option towards the top of the 1st page on Google? The strategies and tactics surrounding the push to get you noticed are called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Segmenting or nich-ing down into the Senior Care space, this is where it gets interesting. Most digital marketing agencies 1: Don’t have the internal resources to truly do SEO the right way and 2: They definitely don’t have the expertise in the senior care space.

Working with an SEO specialist that knows the ins and outs of both SEO and the in-home market is very important.

Why Should I Invest in SEO?

It’s a Long Term Play: You aren’t going to see immediate results…most likely. It’s like having an annuity. The investment you make up front, pays for leads, calls and more business revenue over time. See graph below.

Perception is Reality: When family members Google you and see a 2 start reputation, they aren’t going to call you. If they see dozens of raving fans of your service, you’re going to get the call and probably even a referral. Google also uses your online reputation as a ranking signal.

Reduction in Paid Ads Over Time: Just like the example above, as you invest in SEO, over time you’ll be able to decrease the Ad Spend (PPC) each month. Most of our clients have been able to also get into other markets due to market domination with SEO. They now have the funds to kind of “rinse and repeat” in new cities and towns.

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SEO Reporting & Tracking

Just like you track your books and revenue, you need to also know how your marketing dollars are working for your in-home care business. Each dollar you spend on SEO should be able to be associated lead growth.

When we first bring on a new client, we get to know the KPIs that mean the most to them. Then, create customized reporting that make sense to all of the different stake holders of the business.

We then meet once a month to go over new client acquisition, SEO results and any other high level topics that we should cover.

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In-Home Care SEO Cost?

We have detailed out some pricing details here. Each market and each type of home care business is going to be completely different. The best thing to do is to reach out to us and we will analyze your domain and gibe you a custom quote.

Home Care Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How soon will my elderly care business start seeing SEO results? 

Many of our senior care clients start seeing results in the second month.

Do you help consult with us on SEO as well? 

Yes! That’s one differentiating factor of working with us. We don’t just “set it and forget it”. We’ll always give you SEO tips and strategies to help move the needle.

Do you lock me into a long term agreement? 

No. You are free to cancel at any given time.

How do you get such good SEO results? 

We are always adhering to the Search Guidelines that Google makes public as well as relying on our 11+ years of SEO experience.

How many in-home care clients do you have? 

We have a handful of franchise clients here in the US and one in Canada.

What’s the next step in working together? 

We will determine if we are a right fit for each other over a call.

Do you have home care references? 

Of course!

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