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We Improve Hospital Online Visibility with SEO.

SEO for Hospitals

Search Engine Optimization to Get You Found.

People are searching for healthcare related searches in our area each and every day. Those searches could translate into additional revenue & new patients if your hospitals visibility is strategically positioned on Google. Most facilities simply create a Google My Business account and rely on offline sources like signage and referrals to sustain their business. Break the traditional mold and dominate your regional area with premium SEO services.

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How Do We Do it?

Every hospital is different. The typical website speed improvements, domain authority and awesome content is one thing. It’s almost the standard for most companies “doing” SEO. We take it a step further by doing deep competitive analysis, taking a look at your brand and goals. We’ll then create a custom monthly plan that fits your needs and budget.

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What Are the Benefits of SEO?

You’ll find that there’s more than just the benefit of visibility for your hospital. Lot’s of additional positives will start to arise normally around month 2-3 for your typical campaign. Some benefits we have seen in our hospital clients are but aren’t limited to:

  • New location optimization. As you add new locations, you’ll be able to quickly be front and center online.
  • Doctors will have more weight. This means that when patients search for your practitioners, they will be found and tied to YOUR hospital instead of some other location or directory.
  • Service lines will also be more visible. Want to launch a new service in a newly built wing? No problem. We have your covered.

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