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Telemedicine SEO

Grow your telemedicine practice so you can reach patients anywhere.

Due to technology, now your medical practice isn’t just limited to your small region. People from all over the world or from specific countries or states can become your patient through the internet. In fact, this space is set to grow VERY fast between now and 2022 according to a recent study.

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How are you going to market your practice though? Most utilize paid media for starters and that’s totally fine. Alternatively, you could and should focus on a long term SEO strategy to make sure that you’re telemedicine practice is going to be around for a while. Why be stuck paying for Google Ads to generate patients? If you stop paying, you stop getting appointments.

No matter your medical specialty, we can help you market your new or existing telemedicine practice through search engine optimization strategies.

How Does Our Telemedicine Search Engine Optimization Work?

Similar to how you would speak with your patients, we do the same! We have a quick Google Hangout or Phone Call to get a firm understanding of your needs. After that, we take a look at all other telemedicine practices that would be considered your competition and put together a deep SEO analysis.

Are you already working with another agency? No Problem. We work friendly with other agencies and accentuate what they are already doing on the paid or offline medical marketing front.

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Telemedicine SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telemedicine SEO? 

It’s different than paying for website traffic. It’s the optimization of your website so it will be ranked on Google when people are searching for things in your specialty that may trigger them to schedule with you.

Why should I market my practice or service line online? 

A growing young and older population are getting used to handling their daily from the comfort of their own home. Apps and large corporations have conditioned us to think this way. Why not expand your practice out to a much larger population?

How does your service work?

You pay us a month to month retainer and we do all of the SEO strategy and tactics for you.

Why should I work with DeTorres Group when there’s other choices out there? 

We have been focused on the telemedicine & medical space for over a decade and have been doing internet marketing for about the same time. Don’t settle another agency that is generalist. Work with someone who knows the cancer treatment marketing space.

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