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Storage & Data Management Lead Generation Case Study

Geo-Targeting, Facebook, LinkedIn & Programmatic Advertising

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The Problem:

Our client, a Fortune 5000, 50 million dollar revenue, multinational storage and data management company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on trade shows and other live marketing events. Their ideal personas area CTO’s, CIO’s and other top level management. The biggest issue was the fact that thwy were spending thousands of dollars on booths and travel related expenses but were unsure of the actual ROI of the spend. They were also having trouble getting the right people to come to their booth.

The Solution:

To compliment their large presence at these events in 2018 & 2019, we used our IP Address advertising solution to show strategic ads to the people at their events and the surrounding hotels.

We also created custom video ads on LinkedIn & Facebook that had someone that was actually at the booth each day in the ads.

The main goal of the ads were to drive people to their booth as well, speaking engagements at the events as well as leads.

The Results:

Towards the end of 2019, the client saw an overall increase on 20% of CTR of their ads related to trade shows & conventions. Their conversion rate (event attendee ad impression to being scanned or making on a lead list at the booth) increase to 4% from an abysmal .5%.

To date, this has resulted in over $1.8 million dollars in real revenue, from real B2B leads, and an ever growing ROI for their live event marketing dollars.

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