Water Restoration Marketing Tips 2018

In five minutes or less, I’m going to walk you through the best tips and tricks in 2018 to market your water restoration business. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now and there’s a lot of different tactics that have changed over the years. Um, but one of my clients actually just started generating hundreds of calls every single month and they’re in the water restoration business. So I thought it’d be about time for me to walk through some of the tips and tricks that I’ve offered them.

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Online Reputation Management for Water Restoration Companies

Number one, online reputation. You know, whether or not you’re looking for services that involves your home or your family, you’re probably going to engage with a friend or family, to see who they use. It’s called word of mouth marketing. It’s all about where your friends and family have interacted on the business side of things, how you know what their opinion is.

So thanks to online review sites. It can happen between strangers from across the world. I’m in a matter of milliseconds. You can see how much “John Smith” liked working with this water restoration company and you can see before and after pictures. So one thing you want to make sure that you do is actually get the reviews from your clients. If you’re water restoration company, you want to make sure you get those reviews and a lot of times you don’t get review unless you ask.

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You also have to provide excellent customer service. Want to know what’s worse than having to get your home repaired after a crazy disaster?  There’s not much.  It’s a really bad time. So we want to make sure that you provide awesome customer service to those clientele and never ever take on the job that you can’t actually handle. Also something that’s way too big or way too small, you want to make sure that you’re a right fit and they’re a right fit for your water restoration company. So moving on to another topic…

PPC Advertising for Water Restoration Companies

I get a lot of questions from people about PPC advertising and AdWords advertising. It’s really a goldmine of opportunity there. The biggest issues are when there’s an agency or individual inside your water restoration company not knowing what to do or doesn’t have much experience with either AdWords or water restoration in general. You could easily blow through thousands of dollars. So what I recommend is getting certified in Adwords or work with a niche marketing agency that is very good at specifically working with water restoration companies in the paid advertising space.

Content On Your Water Restoration Website

Another thing you want to focus on is making sure that your website has enough content. I know people have talked, “content is king”, Yada, Yada, Yada. We’ve all heard that. But you want to make sure that you have enough service pages to let people know exactly what your wheelhouse is. If you’re a water restoration company, doesn’t want to deal with mold. You don’t want to get those mold calls, then maybe you should leave that off your website or you can just say that you don’t work with mold alltogether. Now you shouldn’t want a write stuff about water restoration just for SEO. You want to think about the end user and what they’re going through in that moment of need and what they’re going to want to see.

You also want to make sure your website is mobile responsive. Since most of your clientele (probably about 80%), will most likely be looking from their mobile device to find the right person to fit their job. So if you get found, you want to make sure that they call you… and that’s called conversion optimization. So whether or not you’re using paid ads or you’re organically coming up in the search results for free, you want to make sure that once they click on your ad or your website that your cell phone number or your main line of business is at the very top. A lot of my water & fire restoration clients, they see about 75 to 80 percent of all their website traffic coming in through mobile devices. So actually just right now, or pause this and stop reading and look at your website, on your mobile device. Is there a click to call button? Is there a click to chat? If not, you should definitely check that out. Look into it immediately.

Social Media for Water Restoration

Social media marketing for water restoration is a tactic I have a lot of people ask me, if it’s something I should be doing for my business? I would say after you hit certain goals in your business to where you feel very comfortable expanding out then I would take a look into it, but honestly hit your goals at your lead goals, work with the right marketers, hire the right team members, make sure your customer service is on point, and then take a look at spending a lot of time and effort into social media marketing. A lot of water restoration companies go down that path and they spend too much time dealing with that shit that doesn’t generate any business!

Local SEO for Water Restoration

And then lastly, make sure that whatever SEO company (search engine optimization) you work with, or if you do it in house…..you’re coming up in the local search results, the the map results when somebody is typing in water restoration (insert city name), our water restoration companies near me, whatever it is that you’re coming up in those three spots underneath the map. And you can do that by making sure that you have plenty of local citations, making sure your Google My Business profile is filled out appropriately as well as making sure you have enough content on your website.

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