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Working with hundred of insurance agents and brokers over the years has helped us learn about several niche verticals inside the insurance space. One of which is Final Expense or Final Burial insurance. Agents in this industry struggle with with high quality final expense leads because it’s a very competitive space and there are a ton of marketing companies out there trying to go after the same aging population.

What are Final Expense Leads?

Commonly referred to as “funeral insurance”, “burial insurance” or “final expense insurance”, these leads are from families or individuals that are looking for help financially with the growing costs of what happens after they pass away.

There are many ways to generate these leads such as:

  • Direct Mail
  • Facebook
  • Google / Bing
  • Referrals
  • Cold Calling

All of these tactics have their own plusses and minuses.

See sample final expense insurance lead below. Most of the time, the basic info like name, email, phone and address come standard. But some companies that generate these leads will send over more in depth info on the health status of the prospect.

sample final expense lead

For more info on these types of leads, chat with us today!

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