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Since 2008, DeTorres Group has been trusted by hundreds of medium and Enterprise B2B businesses across the US, Canada and Europe. Our sole focus on B2B SEO & B2B lead generation allows us to understand the intricacies in your specific B2B vertical which ultimately helps drive you more leads, opportunities & revenue. Chat with us now, learn more about us here or contact us here to start generating more brand awareness and B2B leads for your business line.

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Frequently Asked B2B Lead Generation Questions

What’s the difference between Regular lead generation and B2B lead generation? 

When you’ve doing demand generation in the B2B space, you’re going to have longer sales cycles, have to create much more educational content and be super knowledgeable of whatever niche it is.

How do I know I’m choosing the “right” B2B lead generation agency?

We suggest you ask for references, take a look at case studies and also check out online reviews of the agency or consultant as a part of the vetting process. Since B2B focus is obviously important, if they have any experience in your particular B2B niche, that would be a huge bonus.

Can’t we just generate our own leads?

Of course you can! Most companies wouldn’t be able to create a whole team of lead gen experts like we have here.

What are some of the best techniques for lead generation in the B2B space?

It all starts with researching your ideal buyer. From there, you may figure out that Google Ads, LinkedIn or outbound calling may be the best fit. Since every client is different, we create custom solutions that fit their needs.

How long until we start seeing leads come in? 

Normally the first week!

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