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Since 2008, DeTorres Group has been trusted by hundreds of medium and Enterprise B2B businesses across the US, Canada and Europe. Our sole focus on B2B SEO & B2B lead generation allows us to understand the intricacies in your specific B2B vertical which ultimately helps drive you more leads, opportunities & revenue. Chat with us now, learn more about us here or contact us here to start generating more brand awareness and B2B leads for your business line. If you’re a B2B company interested in B2B Pay for Performance Lead Generation, click here.

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Frequently Asked B2B SEO Questions

What’s the difference between Regular SEO & B2B SEO? 

B2B SEO is, in essence, similar to regular SEO. However, you’re in most cases going after a much smaller pool of people. In addition, the buying process is normally much more complex and prolonged compared to most B2C buyers journeys.

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How do I know I’m choosing the “right” B2B SEO agency or consultant? 

We suggest you ask for references, take a look at case studies and also check out online reviews of the agency or consultant as a part of the vetting process. Since B2B focus is obviously important, if they have any experience in your particular B2B niche, that would be a huge bonus.

Why does my B2B company need SEO?

Almost every search begins online….even if your company has been referred. First off, are you even an option when people search for the terms that represent for your main products or service? Secondly, have you mapped out the journey that your ideal buyer goes on when determining which product or service to buy in your space? You should have content that reflects all parts of that journey in order to embed brand awareness but also to provide the best possible answers to their questions along the way.

What are some of the best techniques for SEO in B2B? 

At the least, you should be writing content that appeals to your target market. Other basic B2B SEO tactics include technical fixes on your site, domain authority improvements, competitive intel and especially the insight you can garner from PPC and other business segments.

How long does B2B SEO take to work? When will I start to see results and an ROI?

Working with the right SEO professional as well as depending on the severity of your situation, you can start seeing results within the first 4-6 months. However, the needle will truly start to move normally in months 5+. There are a lot of variables at play here but these are generalities we have experienced since working in B2B SEO since 2008.

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