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Government Lead Generation to Fill Your Funnel

At DeTorres Group, we focus on generating government (B2G) leads that close. All of our work is 100% performance based & each lead is a fully optimized marketing qualified lead.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve helped private and public companies agencies across the United States & Europe generate millions of new government revenue and sales opportunities through strategic marketing initiatives.

b2b lead generation

B2G Lead Generation

How Does Our Process Work?

how it works b2b lead generation process
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The Right Government Audience at the Right Time.

In conjunction with traditional tactics like SEO, Paid Media & offline targeting, we layer in Behavior Tracking, Identity Resolution, & AI Machine Learning along with deep competitive intelligence. We use this targeted data strategy to target potential B2G buyers of yours who are ACTIVELY in the market for any service you offer. This ultimately allows us to decrease your cost of acquisition tremendously and increase the likelihood of these leads closing.

Ads that Get Conversion.

No matter your use case, we can create a custom plan to get your messaging in front of your target buyer. We use programmatic ads, strategic retargeting on channels like LinkedIn & Facebook, as well as geo-targeting and geo-framing to hunt down those hard to find people deep inside governmental orgs.

b2b lead generation tactics
traffic to landing page and prequalification


After we drive targeted website traffic of your ideal buyers to your website, custom landing page or our call center, we take it a step further. We ask several pre-qualification questions to ensure that they are who we think they are as well as make sure they hit the custom criteria that you’re needing for your sales team to follow up on.

Email Follow Ups

Each one of your leads is then followed up via email at least twice to make sure they have seen your content. It also gives them a chance to opt out if for some reason they don’t want to hear from you any longer.

delivery to crm b2b lead generation

MQLs or Appointments Integrated into Your CRM

If your CRM has an open API, we will be able to integrate our MQL leads & appointments directly into your CRM or scheduling tool. We prefer this method as we can then compare the closing ratio of our leads to other MQLs that your sales team works. In some cases, our clients have seen 60 – 70% improvement in closing ratios with our MQLs.