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Why Us?

  • Focus Solely on B2B SEO for Over 12 Years
  • Award Winning Online Marketing Since 2008.
  • Worked with 100’s of Companies from Across the World.
  • Each B2B Client Averages Over 300% ROI.

Who Are We?

We create effective B2B SEO campaigns that target the specific target market our clients want to target at the right time. What makes us different? We are focused solely on B2B SEO and the KPIs / tactics that affect your bottom line. See some of the types of B2B companies we work with here. We are also Founders of The Pickleball, BadassInsuranceLeads.com, GreenLightLeads.co & the Enterprise focused AI Conference: Imagine AI Live

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Frequently Asked Questions About DeTorres Group

Q: How many years have you been in business?

A: Since 2008

Q: Do you solely focus on working with generating leads?

A: Our core focus is all of the facets that represent online B2B demand generation.

Q: How many employees do you have? 

A: 10 full-time employees and 5 part-time.

Q: Why work with DeTorres Group versus working with a full service agency that is more well known? 

A: Simple answer: Results, pricing, customer service, expertise & communication. We pride ourselves in overachieving in all of these areas.

Q: Do you have company social media pages I can check out? 

A: Of course. See our Facebook page here and our LinkedIn page here.

Q: What kind of investment is it going to take to work with you?

A: We start off at $3000 a month.