350% Increase in MQLs for a Tech Co. See How Here
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B2B SaaS Company Lead Generation Case Study

B2B Lookalike Audiences & B2B SEO Strategy

b2b saas marketing company case study

The Problem:

This B2B SaaS company came to us after trying to penetrate a new B2B sector with their software solution. They were spending thousands of dollars a month in Google Ads and their CAC (cost of customer acquisition) was way too high. They ranked well for keywords they thought were the right ones but organic traffic wasn’t moving the needle.

The Solution:

SEO: We did a deep analysis of their current rankings, backlink profile as well as all of their main competition and found numerous opportunities to go in different directions SEO-wise from where they were going currently. We also created 20 different pieces of content that their sales team and marketing automation platform used during sales prospecting.

Lead Gen: We created different B2B lookalike audiences based off of their top 40 customers. We did manual outreach to the list of potential buyers, sent them a custom eBook, asked pre-qualification questions, and even had a custom, handwritten postcard sent to each of the prospects. For the MQLs that made it through the pre-qualification process, we uploaded them directly into their Salesforce CRM for the sales team to work further.


After re-positioning much of the site content, creating new content and focusing more on the keywords that had larger search volume and more relevancy to the buyer, we saw a 200% increase in top #3 rankings after the first 4 months. Due to better quality content and a buyer that was further down the sales funnel than before, we also have seen a 350% increase in MQLs (marketing qualified leads).