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b2b lead generation company

B2B Lead Generation Agency

We aren’t your “typical” B2B agency that generates leads. Since 2008, we have had a large focus on B2B SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Conversion Rate Optimization, B2B Data and its role within the Buyer’s Journey. We create custom marketing strategies to help you fill your sales pipeline and hit / exceed your revenue goals.

Get More Qualified Leads

When you work with us, we take an granular approach to looking at your Target Audience, Sales Process, Competition & USP. We then overlay our process onto yours in order to create improved quality B2B leads that your sales team loves.

b2b lead generation company
top rated b2b lead generation agency

Award Winning Lead Generation Agency

Don’t take our word for it. Hundreds of happy clients and 3rd parties have voted DeTorres Group as both the best B2B SEO agency as well as best B2B lead generation agency. See some of our case studies here.

B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Every client is completely custom however there are many B2B marketing tactics that we specialize in:

B2B Lead Generation Agency FAQs

What’s the difference between an agency specializing in B2B vs just general lead generation? 

The biggest difference is direct experience working in B2B niches like SaaS, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Tech and any other niche where your company is focused on selling to other businesses directly. We aren’t saying all generalized lead gen companies are bad, we just feel that a B2B focused agency like DeTorres Group understands the details and intricacies surrounding making the connection between your sales team and the buyer on the other end.

How do we approach B2B lead generation and what’s our process? 

Every client we work with is 100% custom, however, we utilize our 12 years of B2B lead driving experience to deliver high quality campaigns that deliver B2B leads from your ideal buyers that have a much higher likelihood of closing.

What source do we use the most for our leads?

We create B2B lookalike audiences to advertise to for channels like Facebook & LinkedIn, however, the majority of our leads, over time, come from SEO (search engine optimization). Note: There’s no one size fits all when it comes to B2B lead generation. If the company you’re looking at working with has a package that’s not customizable for your type of business and buyer, we suggest not working with them.

What variables should I look at when considering the right B2B demand generation company? 

We suggest you take a look at customer reviews, case studies as well as get real feedback from past or current clients of theirs.

Custom Landing Pages & Web Design

A part of a B2B demand generation strategy is to have an attractive website or convincing landing pages that help your buyers learn more about your B2B product or service. At DeTorres Group, we have years of experience creating custom sites that turn visitors into leads so your sales team can close them as new business.

b2b website design
b2b content marketing

High Quality B2B Content

If you need copy writing for your email marketing, blog posts, ebooks or transcriptions, we can help. Our extensive knowledge of the B2B space gives us unrivaled knowledge in to most niches. If we’ve never worked inside your B2B niche, we’ll immerse ourselves into it and create writing samples for your review from our talented writers.

conversion for B2B leads

Take Your Time Researching Your B2B Lead Generation Agency

As you narrow down your search, you’ll need to take into consideration several things such as:

  • Expertise in your B2B niche
  • Years of experience in B2B Marketing 
  • Cultural fit
  • A track record of success 
  • Reviews from other non biased sources

Spending an extra week or so researching these variables will help you find the right agency that will give you more of a long term success as well as be able to partner with you on a deeper level.

top rated b2b lead generation agency

Process is Key

Even though the majority of clients we work with are custom situations, we do have a pretty robust system in place that will allow us to latch onto almost any type of B2B company and help them generate leads that are of high quality.

We’re a firm believe of the 3 P’s. People, Process and Product. We employ the BEST people that are in charge of your lead gen campaigns. We have perfected a process that grows with you.

b2b lead generation process

Types of B2B Lead Generation Pricing

There are normally 3 types of B2B lead generation pricing.

  • Retainer focused
  • Cost Per Lead or Pay Per Lead 
  • A hybrid variation of those 2

b2b lead generation pricing

In a retainer variation, as long as you work with the “right” agency, you’ll get a better bang for you buck. They will also be able to scale with you to a certain extent which ultimately will reduce your CPL as your relationship and optimization of campaigns improve.

There are a ton of pay per lead companies out there. Many will resell the same leads to multiple companies. They also will never take the time to truly get to know your business. Be careful with this model.

Some also offer a hybrid of both retainer and CPL. This can work well depending on the specific arrangement you have when it comes to retainer vs pay per lead cost.


Focus on Conversion

You can create all the content you want but if your conversion rate is low, you’re doing it all for nothing. We have been focused on Conversion Rate Optimization for over a decade now. All of the landing pages, websites, email marketing and campaigns we build are built with conversion in mind. Even with a small 2% increase in conversion rate, that could translate into millions of dollars in extra revenue for your B2B business.