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FinTech B2B LinkedIn Marketing Case Study

B2B Lookalike Audience Targeting, Customized Content & Programmatic Ads

b2b fintech marketing company case study

The Problem:

Our client, a B2B commercial insurance technology company was having trouble getting in front of insurance agents and brokers across North America. They tried Google Ads, blew through large budgets on LinkedIn and even started sending direct mail to people they bought from a data broker. Their lead generation was decreasing and their CPL was on the rise.

The Solution:

Enter DeTorres Group. We simplified their messaging, created ads (that represented different stages of the buying cycle) that targeted their ideal persona’s paint points and wrote attractive, conversion friendly copy for outreach emails and follow ups. We reduced their Google Ad spend dramatically and focused on custom outreach strategies & paid ad promotion on LinkedIn.

The Results:

After almost 11 months, our client saw a 35.4% reduction in Cost per Sign Up which resulted in a 300% ROAS (return on ad spend). We were also able to re-market to the leads that were generated to help push them further to close. This resulted in a 160% increase in Lead to SQL inside their CRM.

What matters the most is that they are reporting upwards of 175% more revenue compared to last year.

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