B2B Sales Lead Calculator

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B2B Sales Lead Generation Calculator You understand your new account goals, sales goals and the revenue that you need to hit for the fiscal year. However, when you break down these numbers, how many b2b leads do you actually need to generate? You could assume or you could get some firm goals to go by.

How to Use Chatbots for B2B Lead Generation

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What if a robot could handle all of your outbound B2B sales efforts? Imagine automating all of your inbound and outbound marketing efforts? Since Facebook’s 2016 announcement that chatbots would be coming to Messenger, all of that and more is possible. Why should your business use chatbots to connect to customers on Facebook? On average,

B2C vs B2B Lead Generation: What’s the Difference?

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Lead generation is one of the most misunderstood & underestimated marketing strategies. Often new marketers and businesses think a cookie-cutter lead generation strategy will work for their business type. They're wrong.  Difference Between B2B and B2C Lead Generation Regardless if it’s B2B or B2C, knowing your target audience lays the groundwork for your lead generation

How Can I Generate More MQLs?

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Not all leads are created equal. Most medium to large businesses out there have no issues generating leads. The issue is normally the quality of those leads. What is a Marketing Qualified Lead? In simple terms, a Marketing Qualified Lead or MQL is a prospect that has a much higher chance of becoming a customer