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The Best AI Plagiarism Checkers of 2023

AI plagiarism checkers are the unsung heroes of our content-driven world. They ensure that writing is original – whether created by humans or AI.

In this post, we’ll cover how AI plagiarism checkers work, and we’ll take a look at some of the best AI plagiarism checkers on the market.

The Rise of AI-Generated Content

Tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT revolutionized how we generate text.

Today, high-quality content is just as likely to be written by a machine as it is by a seasoned copywriter.

This has changed the game for writers and completely upended the balance between students, who often try to get by with as little effort as possible, and their teachers. 

A Tale of Two Texts: Human vs. Machine

With students increasingly using AI-based tools to craft essays and research papers, teachers suddenly find themselves playing hide-and-seek with machine-generated content, which may or may not be copied from somewhere else. 

Enter the AI Plagiarism Checker

To determine whether students’ writing is original, teachers have started using AI plagiarism checkers. 

These programs perform 3 main functions:

  1. Scan the text
  2. Identify whether passages were produced using a specific generator model
  3. Determine whether words were lifted from another source

As AI writing tools improve, the kids may regain the upper hand. For now though, AI plagiarism checkers have leveled the playing field for the teachers. 

Best AI Plagiarism Checkers on the Market

Of course, AI plagiarism checkers have applications beyond the classroom. Content creators of all stripes rely on these programs to ensure that their machine-based writing assistants are doing their job and not simply copying and pasting from other websites. 

Let’s take a look at the top AI plagiarism checkers on the market today.

1. Originality.Ai: All-Around Best AI Plagiarism Checker

Geared towards professional content creators and publishers, Originality.Ai’s plagiarism checker can process content written by several text generation platforms, including:

  • Chat GPT
  • Bard
  • Paraphrase software like Quillbot
  • GPT-4

originality ai

Check them out here: originality.ai

2. Winston AI: The Most Trusted AI etector

Our top pick is Winston AI. After trying many different tools out there, we were the most happy with this one in relation to how much is caught as well as the pricing.

Whether youre a marketing agency or a student or instructor, this utility provides a super hight accuracy rate compared to many other AI plagarism checkers out there.

winston ai

3. GPTRadar: GPT Specialist

If you’re dealing solely with GPT-generated content, look no further than GPTRadar. This nifty checker specializes in writing crafted with GPT models 1 through 4.   

GPTRadar isn’t free, but users can get started without spending a cent. 

gpt radar

4. Corrector App’s AI Content Detector: Contextual Analysis

Corrector App’s AI content detector starts by scanning words and phrases. It then digs beneath the surface to glean their semantic meaning. 

This allows it to identify plagiarized words as well as copied ideas

corrector ai content detector

5. Copyleaks: Context + Multi-Language Support

Like Corrector App’s tool, Copyleaks’ AI Content Detector is capable of capable of looking beyond strings of words to perform contextual analyses. 

It also offers multi-language support. 

Copyleaks AI Content Detector

6. Copyscape: Who’s Watching You?

What if you want to know whether you’re the one being plagiarized?

Copyscape lets you paste in the url to your website and within seconds returns a list of sites that your blog or business may have “influenced.” 


Users can add unlimited team members, complete unlimited scans, and integrate Originality.ai with existing tools and workflows via its well-documented API. 

To top it off, Originality.ai also provides readability scores, which helps writers craft content that actually ranks on search engines like Google!

FAQs in Relation to Best AI Plagiarism Checkers

What is the best AI plagiarism checker?

There are many AI plagiarism checkers on the market today, but we believe the best overall tool is Originality.ai. 

Do plagiarism checkers work on AI?

Yes, advanced plagiarism checkers like Originality.ai can a) detect content generated by AIs such as ChatGPT and b) determine whether it was copied from another source.

Can plagiarism detectors process text written by any AI platform?

GPTRadar specializes in content created by GPT models 1-4. Other detectors, like Originality.ai, can handle content written by Chat GPT, Bard, Quillbot, and more.

Is Originality.ai better than The OpenAI Text Classifier?

While Open.AI’s Text Classifier is free, Originality.ai’s tool is more comprehensive. It can process content written by several text generation platforms, and it offers tons of practical benefits to professional writers and publishers.


AI plagiarism checkers may be the latest in the student-teacher arms race, but they’re also indispensable tools for professional content creators.

These programs enable the pros to ensure that their content is original, which means that a good AI plagiarism detector can help writers keep it real and sleep at night knowing that their AI writing assistants are solely penning original content.

In this article, we checked out some of the top AI plagiarism checkers on the market like Originality.ai. 

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